Egnyte Enables Company Branding on Cloud Storage

New Capabilities Make Cloud Storage Enterprise Ready -- Delivering Professional Look and Feel While Maintaining Corporate Identity and Leveraging Existing IT Investments

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2010) -  Egnyte, a leading provider of cloud file server solutions, today introduced a Branding Kit allowing its cloud file server and online storage services to be integrated seamlessly with a company's existing brand assets and IT infrastructure. This allows businesses, both small and large, to embrace cloud file server and storage solutions without sacrificing corporate identity and control.

The Egnyte Branding Kit allows businesses to 'private label' their cloud storage with a rich set of capabilities. Companies can configure their cloud file server to reflect the company's brand identity, using not just their corporate logo and color schemes but also, map the web url to their internet domain. All communications from the cloud file server can be customized and branded, as employees and business partners access and share files.

The Egnyte Branding Kit also allows companies to tie in existing IT investments like directories and mail servers to their cloud storage, maximizing the value from current investments and maintaining a high degree of control.

"As a company with a large amount of data and users, we loved the idea of having a complete cloud file server solution. However, we hesitated implementing a cloud file server across our organization because we'd have to essentially replace our entire storage infrastructure, and that would disrupt users plus change how they access files," said Ed LaFrance, managing partner of The Seniors Group, a company that helps seniors housing and long-term care owners, operators, capital and other solution providers discreetly come together to transact. "Ultimately what made us embrace and implement the Egnyte cloud file server was the combination of security, pricing, ease of use for our partners and clients, plus the ability to consistently reinforce our corporate brand and identity by allowing direct access through our website."

The new capabilities allow existing branding and management policies to be applied consistently across infrastructures. For example, a user accessing a file on a local server will have the same user experience as they would while accessing a file through cloud storage. Egnyte treats the online cloud and in-house storage infrastructure as synchronized active file repositories, providing large enterprise users the assurance that they will always be accessing the most current files -- whether from the office or from the road.

Directory Service Integration: The Egnyte Cloud File Server provides its own directory service for setting up users, groups and managing user information and passwords. For businesses that have already invested in a directory service (for example, OpenLDAP or Microsoft Active Directory Services), Egnyte provides integration APIs to source all user information and authenticate using the company's directory service. This enables companies to have single sign on (SSO) capability allowing administrators to manage users from a central point and extend existing policies throughout the online storage and local infrastructure. User policies like password resets, authentication and file and application access can be enforced centrally. This reduces repetitive and manual maintenance while strengthening and standardizing compliance.

Mail Server Integration: Egnyte easily integrates with a company's mail server, allowing all communications and notifications from the cloud file server to be routed through a company's mail servers. This provides an additional level of branding and control and meets corporate compliance requirements.

"The new enhancements to our cloud file servers make cloud storage a more attractive and viable option for SMBs as well as larger, established organizations," said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. "Enterprise customers can now leverage their existing infrastructure to adopt economical and easy-to-deploy cloud-based storage solutions that combine powerful file storage and file sharing with extensive folder management and file access control."

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