Dazzboard Unshackles Media Management for All Cell Phone Users With Browser-Based White Label Platform for Carriers and Manufacturers

The Cellular and Media Industries Can Finally Offer Their Customers Unified, Liberated, Limitless Multimedia Management and One Click Transfers From Any Device to the Web, Social Networks and PC/Mac

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  Dazzboard (www.dazzboard.com), the premier social media manager and ultimate content transfer experience, today launched a white label platform open to all device vendors, carriers and content providers for any mobile device, USB-connected gadget or smartphone.

The best plug-and-play technology for managing mobile multimedia, the service can easily integrate into any website to give customers a new blend of seamless data transfers, social network syncing and simple, driver-free access to any kind of content. Compatible with all popular web portals, social networks, devices and destinations, Dazzboard seeks to revolutionize the way users interact with digital media, helping to drastically increase engagement and monetization for any content service or brand.

Through the white label service, users can have their devices instantly recognized by a website, allowing them to move content to and from the site to their devices with drag-and-drop ease. Content can be instantly synced with social networks or cloud storages, and any carrier or manufacturer can optimize their site to automatically connect a user's device with all the web's most popular destinations -- all directly through their own service. With one click syncing of content, the service offers a multitude of ways to discover, purchase, play, share and distribute digital media. The Dazzboard media manager supports any variety of file, with no limitations on size or format, making it possible to utilize with any kind of information, ranging from video files to music, images, e-books and more.

Features of Dazzboard's white label service include:

  • Rapid web multimedia store integration: works with any website, content repository or billing mechanism to streamline data transfer and management for customers in a way never before possible
  • Instant device, file format and subscriber recognition
  • Instant service authentication and subscription management through streamlined device identification
  • One click media syncing
  • Rapidly launch device-based subscriptions, campaigns and redemption models
  • Connect, edit, play and share content from local PC/Mac libraries and cloud-based storage locations from inside any website
  • Provides real-time analytics and metadata to carriers and manufacturers for perfect content recommendation to customers
  • Conserves 3G bandwidth by simplifying drag-and-drop transfers

"With users browsing the web en masse on mobile devices, simplifying the process of syncing content between a device and a website or social network through a carrier's site or a web-based management system becomes essential for effective e-commerce and satisfied mobile users," said Tero Salonen, CEO of Dazzboard. "With the ability to sync content with drag-and-drop ease from a website to a user's smart phone via our all-device media manager, manufacturers, carriers and content providers will be able to develop new and exciting ways for user to interact with media."

Dazzboard's all-device white label media manager is compatible with all major browsers & platforms.

About Dazzboard
Dazzboard is the ultimate media manager, providing users with seamless Drag and Drop transfer of any digital media between any device and web service. Requiring no desktop application and eliminating the need for installing proprietary software for each and every mobile device, Dazzboard provides the most elegant solution for media synchronization, discovery and consumption. Dazzboard is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, visit www.dazzboard.com.

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