Cancen Provides Update on Wescorp's (OTCBB: WSCE) H20maxx Technology at Its New Sarepta Disposal Facility

EDMONTON, AB--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  Cancen Oil Canada Corporation, an oil waste management and processing company, is pleased to provide an update on the use of new technology at its New Sarepta facility. In May, Cancen and Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTCBB: WSCE) installed the first commercial H2Omaxx oil and water separation unit at Cancen's New Sarepta disposal well. That unit has been integrated into the disposal facility and is fully functional.

Cancen and Wescorp are close to completing the first 30-days of continuous commercial operation of the unit which will provide data defining the upper limits of H2Omaxx's capability and applications. Once completed, Wescorp and Cancen will use the third party verified data to expand oil waste market opportunities. This new data will also be presented to various government agencies within Western Canada. Cancen and Wescorp will then strategize about how to best expand Cancen's business into new markets within the oil sands.

Keith Talbot, President and CEO of Cancen, states, "We are very pleased with the preliminary results from the unit's operation. H2Omaxx has been effectively processing a wide variety of waste streams from the Alberta oil sands, which are considered to be some of the dirtiest and most difficult water to clean in the oil industry. H20maxx is successfully cleaning produced water -- which contained in excess of 25% oil and 10% solids and also contained asphaltines and grease -- to new, higher levels once thought unattainable with conventional methods. With these excellent test results in hand, Cancen will begin to set new standards as an industry leader in the clean up and disposal of third party waste.

"The H20maxx will benefit the New Sarepta facility in that it reduces maintenance costs associated with well workover, spent filters and tank cleaning activities while increasing revenue through the sale of recovered oil. As well, these operations will allow Cancen to collect water and waste material from a variety of producers in the area and greatly increase revenue by attracting new customers. I have yet to see a single technology that can operate in such a wide range of applications, the H2Omaxx is demonstrating the ability to clean waste that normally would require multiple technologies," continued Talbot.

"An emerging player in a multibillion dollar industry, Cancen is positioning itself to become an industry leader and Wescorp is pleased to be able to share a role in that growth by providing our technologically advanced equipment," said Douglas E. Biles, President and CEO of Wescorp. "Working with Cancen is allowing Wescorp to gather important data from continuous commercial use of H2Omaxx over a 30-day period."

Cancen is working with the assistance of Wescorp to obtain a number of ECRB Regulatory Approvals for various sites located within Western Canada. As these approvals are received, Cancen expects to deploy additional H2Omaxx units at its locations throughout Western Canada.

Wescorp has designed the H2Omaxx technology unit in a variety of sizes, including a mobile unit and commercial units (2,500, 10,000 and 65,000 barrels-per-day). The expanded range of units will give Cancen the ability to treat varied volumes of waste, more efficiently than any of its competitors.

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