Nalco Mobotec's ROTAMIX Technology Chosen by Hoosier Energy for Added NOx Reduction

Naperville, Illinois, UNITED STATES

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Sept. 8, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nalco Mobotec, Inc., a global leader in air pollution control technology, announced today it has signed a contract with Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. to provide two ROTAMIX® SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction) systems for NOx (nitrogen oxide) control at the Frank E. Ratts Generating Station.

The Ratts Generating Station, located in Petersburg, Ind., is a coal-fired power plant consisting of two 125-megawatt boilers, originally built in 1970. Nalco Mobotec will begin work immediately with both units scheduled for continuous operation of the new system by December 2011.

Nalco Mobotec's patented ROTAMIX technology reduces NOx emissions from utility and industrial boilers. The ROTAMIX technology will build on previous significant NOx reduction provided by Nalco Mobotec's patented ROFA® (Rotating Opposed Fired Air) technology to contain and reduce NOx emissions. Robert Hochstetler, Vice President of Power Production for Hoosier Energy said, "By capitalizing on the existing NOx reduction capabilities of the previously installed ROFA system, Hoosier Energy will minimize capital investment and reduce recurring chemical costs."

"Nalco Mobotec's unique product portfolio allows incremental equipment additions that provide increased NOx reduction as regulations tighten," said Dave Flitman, Senior Executive Vice President and President of Water and Process Services of Nalco Mobotec's parent, Nalco Company. "This minimizes added capital expenditures while maintaining and extending the useful life of previously installed air pollution control devices. Nalco Mobotec's ROFA technology allowed Hoosier Energy to meet previous NOx reduction standards. Now with the addition of ROTAMIX technology, Hoosier Energy will be able to meet new emissions requirements."

This contract award continues a long-standing relationship between Hoosier Energy and Nalco Mobotec.

About Nalco Mobotec

Nalco Mobotec, Inc. is a global leader in analysis, technology and total solutions for coal-fired power plants and industrial facilities around the world who are seeking to reduce their emissions without sacrificing combustion efficiency and plant up-time. Nalco Mobotec's full array of NOx, SOx, mercury, biomass, combustion efficiency and air protection technologies provide industrial customers with solutions they can trust that deliver results. For more information visit Nalco Mobotec is a subsidiary of Nalco Holding Company (NYSE:NLC) the global leader in water, energy, air and process technologies and services that deliver savings for customers and improve the environment.

About Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, is a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) providing wholesale electric power and services to 18 member electric distribution cooperatives, which serve nearly 300,000 consumers in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Hoosier Energy has coal, natural gas and renewable energy power plants and operates a 1,450-mile transmission network. More information is available at

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