Green Franchise Market Is Blossoming

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2010) - The green economy is growing fast and the franchising industry is reaping the benefits. Statistics show that the green economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the American economy, and the latest exclusive Franchise Direct ( Green Franchise Business Report 2010 has found that green franchises are harnessing its power. 

Perhaps once since a fringe market, the global green economy has blossomed in recent years. As Alisa Harrison of the International Franchise Association told Franchise Direct, "the green trend has been growing for about 25 years now, but it has only recently become mainstream."

The green economy proved its durability by growing in the wake of the recent recession. Here was proof that consumers would choose environmentally-friendly products even in difficult economic times. Now valued at about $5.2 trillion globally and $1 trillion nationally, the green economy is currently making great strides in the franchising industry.

The Franchise Direct green report found that there are two kinds of green franchises: franchises which exist purely to improve the environment and those which employ green materials and practices in their everyday business. The former category is currently experiencing accelerated growth, as entrepreneurs are waking up to the growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products like solar panels or energy conservation systems.

As for the growing number of companies that routinely employs green technologies, their hope is to appeal to consumers whose ethics inform their daily shopping decision-making. Many of America's top franchises are implementing green technologies to appeal to a wider audience. 

Franchises package green businesses into well-structured and easily-replicated companies. Any forward-thinking entrepreneur thinking about purchasing a franchise must seriously consider the green market. The new Franchise Direct green report provides insight and analysis on the country's best green franchises, while outlining the best opportunities in the industry.

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