General Electric Adopts Advanced Telemetry's 'EcoView(TM) Residential' Energy Management System

GE Chooses EcoView Residential -- a Feature Rich, Cost-Effective, Flexible and Scalable Wireless Energy Monitoring Dashboard That Helps Lower Homeowner Energy Usage, Utility Bills and Carbon Emissions

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  Advanced Telemetry (, developer of the EcoView™ smart energy management system for light commercial and residential applications, today announced that General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) ("GE") has adopted its "EcoView Residential" solution for select energy conscious home builders across North America.

General Electric is working with a select group of home builders and developers to design homes that are not only comfortable, but also achieve at least a 20% reduction in household energy usage, indoor water consumption and overall carbon emissions as compared to industry-accepted average new homes. Now a key component of the program, the EcoView Residential energy management system is integral in helping homeowners easily and consistently achieve this high level of energy efficiency -- and also benefit from the related cost savings.

"EcoView Residential is an innovative solution addressing the rapidly growing smart grid industry, enabling homeowners to actively participate in taking the pressure off our overloaded grid infrastructure," notes Advanced Telemetry President Gus Ezcurra. "This helps improve grid reliability and security, while reducing residential energy bills and environmental impacts."

"We worked closely with GE's builder and developer affiliates to deliver a feature rich, cost-effective, flexible and scalable product to meet their needs today and in the future," continues Ezcurra. "We're honored to partner with General Electric and its esteemed builder and developer partners from coast to coast to help homeowners reduce resource usage, utility costs and their overall environmental footprint."

In addition to EcoView Residential, all homes being built by the GE customers are equipped with an array of GE products that address today's environmentally conscious consumer values. These include GE's ENERGY STAR® appliances and Energy Smart™ compact fluorescent lighting package. Homeowners can now maximize benefits with these products when used in combination with the EcoView Residential energy monitoring touch screen, which gives them the power to measure and control utility use and better understand the true value of their home's energy-efficient features.

About EcoView Residential
EcoView Residential provides homeowners with an array of world-leading features, including real time information on energy and resource usage that allows owners and tenants to pinpoint and minimize consumption from devices ranging from flat screen televisions to computers to light bulbs. The system, which is easily installed by a qualified professional in under 2 hours, may be readily connected to wireless control devices like thermostats and light switches, enabling users to quickly, easily, and even remotely make adjustments to a home's energy consumption.

EcoView Residential's high resolution, flat screen interactive touch-screen communicates wirelessly with metering devices that measure a home's electricity and water consumption, providing real-time, graphical illustrations of-and control over-energy usage or generation. The system also takes advantage of an existing broadband Internet connection enabling homeowners to remotely access their system to view current consumption and make adjustments to settings and schedules for thermostats, lighting controls and other appliances from any Web-enabled device outside the home.

About Advanced Telemetry, LLC
With a corporate belief that energy and fiscal conservation begins with an awareness of wasteful consumption habits as they occur, Advanced Telemetry offers EcoView™ -- a proprietary, smart energy and resource management system for both residential and small commercial applications. Server-based and entirely Web accessible, EcoView is the most cost-effective, future-proof system available that -- completely independent of a utility company -- enables users to easily view, manage and reduce their resource consumption -- and thus utility bills and carbon footprint -- in real-time. These are among the many reasons Advanced Telemetry's has been chosen as a General Electric Co. Ecomagination℠ program partner. Founded in 2007, Advanced Telemetry is headquartered in San Diego, California. More information may be accessed on the Advanced Telemetry blog at or through the company's Web site at

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