Freedom OSS Enhances Virtual Network Operations Center (vNOC)

vNOC 2.0(TM) Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM) Platform Enhances Cloud Security, Compliance, Management, Automation, and On-Boarding

NEWTOWN, PA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) -  Freedom OSS, a leader in Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM), today announced the availability of its vNOC 2.0 offering. As part of the company's 'Stairway to the Cloud'™ suite, vNOC 2.0 eases the transition to cloud services for enterprise organizations by mitigating risks and reducing costs. vNOC 2.0 features include: encryption of data at rest and in transit, key and password management, ticket-system integration and others.

There has been a tremendous amount of skepticism surrounding cloud services, but the fog is beginning to dissipate. According to an excerpt from Forrester's The Evolution of Cloud Computing Markets, "Forrester believes that cloud computing is a sustainable, long-term IT paradigm and the successor to previous mainframe, client/server, and network computing eras. Underpinned by both technology and economic disruptions, the cloud will fundamentally change the way technology providers engage with business customers and individual users."

"Freedom OSS' vNOC 2.0 solution is easing the path toward this 'fundamental change' with a practical approach that enables enterprises to realize full benefits of cloud computing by lowering barriers of entry through a combination of value-add products and services or simply put -- Integrated Cloud Service Management," Joel Davne, president of Freedom OSS, added.

The vNOC 2.0 suite manages packaged and server applications, operating systems, security patching, and upgrades while also providing governance and compliance such as SOX, FISM, HIPAA and PCI adherence. New features include:

  • Encryption of Data at Rest and in Transit -- Allow sensitive data to reside in the Cloud without being compromised
  • "Trusted Hives" -- Only instances that are secure will participate in the system's workload
  • Key and Password Management via a Secure Vault and Virtual Access Card -- Meet compliance regulations for managing keys for encrypted data without exposing these keys and compromising sensitive data
  • Intrusion Detection -- Sense and intercept any unauthorized activities in the cloud environment
  • Log Vaulting -- Facilitate forensic investigation and auditing to meet compliance regulations
  • Advanced DDoS Protection -- Stop hacker "denial of service" attacks on cloud deployed web facing application
  • Secure Backup -- Never lose data in the cloud. Ticket-System Integration -- All vNOC 2.0 activities are automatically recorded as tickets for future review and visibility

Additionally, the vNOC 2.0 suite provides API access via WebServices (SOAP & REST) for easy system-to-system integration, role-based access controls that integrate with existing Active Directory or LDAP repositories to preserve existing permissions and carry them over to the cloud and a portal to access services.

"The benefits of migrating toward the cloud are clear and vNOC 2.0 is excelling in providing strong cloud security, compliance and governance controls as well as and efficient operational data mining in a cost-effective, pay-per-use pricing model," Davne continued.

Pricing and Availability: Freedom OSS, vNOC 2.0 is available today and is competitively priced.

For more information, visit or contact 877.828.8987.

About Freedom OSS
Freedom OSS is a leader in Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM) focusing on large enterprise environments. Drawing upon its roots as an open source and SOA integrator, Freedom OSS has developed a unique solution that fills a gap for cloud management and mitigates the risks for migrating to the cloud. Freedom's Virtual Network Operations Center (vNOC) cloud management and governance suite simplifies the process of getting applications ready for cloud deployment by managing packaged and server applications, operating systems, security patching as well as providing governance and compliance adherence. In addition, Freedom offers strategic cloud computing partnerships as #1 Partner Amazon AWS Enterprise Partner, and as Premier Partner with Terramark and Savvis. The company's Public Systems Technology (PST) has no offshore ownership or interests and serves all government-related activities.

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Freedom OSS' vNOC 2.0, provides integrated cloud Service Management for organizations to achieve Security, compliance and governance with a reliable cloud.