Something Old, Something New: Egnyte Unveils Support for Full Spectrum of Data Technologies

Comprehensive Cloud File Server Integrates Traditional Tools Like FTP With Cutting Edge Cloud Services Like Google Docs Into One Seamless Platform

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - September 27, 2010) -  Egnyte, a leading provider of cloud file server solutions, today upgraded its service to support the full spectrum of critical data technologies, including new File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capabilities and Google Docs. With its Hybrid Storage technology, Egnyte gives organizations an industry first: one integrated framework to manage their file storage and sharing across multiple protocols and platforms. The upgrade merges the older, yet still powerful, FTP technology with newer, more flexible cloud technologies. The new service also integrates with Google Docs, enabling companies to manage distributed file access and online editing of Google Docs within their Egnyte Cloud File Server.

"To date, businesses have had to cobble together disparate technologies for file sharing and storage: on premise file servers for internal staff, virtual private networks for remote employees, FTP servers for external sharing and large file transfer and now cloud services like Google Docs. This mix is a recipe for complex and costly management," said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. "With Egnyte, companies have one integrated solution that manages it all -- from file serving between employees and file sharing with partners, to large file transfers and computer backup."

"With Egnyte, we have the functionality of a Fortune 500 IT infrastructure, with a cost that's appropriate for a SMB," said Michael Grenier, managing partner, Smart Energy Capital. "Egnyte provides a flexible solution that is infinitely scalable, but most importantly, it is simple and works well. Egnyte's seamless integration with the desktop and popular web services allows for the quick and painless transition to our cloud file server and has resulted in wide-spread user adoption."

Speed Matters: FTP Still Fastest for File Transfers 
Despite new advances in storage protocols like Fibre Channel, iSCSI and InfiniBand, FTP -- originally developed nearly 40 years ago -- remains the best choice for moving large files between two distributed systems quickly. It's powerful, fast and extremely reliable but is typically only useful for point-to-point transfers rather than multi-user sharing. For large organizations using FTP to transfer large files, FTP servers need to be set up, configured and maintained, which can be an arduous, time-consuming process.

Egnyte Cloud File Server now integrates FTP transfer protocols into its Cloud File Server infrastructure without requiring customers to add any hardware, essentially transforming FTP into a new fast, flexible cloud service. Once the files are hosted in Egnyte, companies can leverage all the benefits of the Cloud File Server, including central administration, folder based permissions, file sharing links, and more. Egnyte now provides businesses the most comprehensive data upload/download options -- directly from any web browser; working off a mapped PC drive; sync capability using its local cloud technology and FTP.

Google Grows Up: Preserve Professional Experience in Google Docs
Google Docs' pure cloud based service for managing word processing, spreadsheets and presentations is now a seamless extension to the Egnyte Cloud File Server. Egnyte enables companies to operate in a hybrid world by using Microsoft Office and Google Docs, providing one integrated view and access point to all their files. All the Google Docs folders and files can be browsed from within the user's Egnyte account.

Additionally, Egnyte fully leverages Google Docs' online editing capabilities to let businesses access and edit Google files or Microsoft Office files online. For example, a company can share an excel spreadsheet from its Egnyte file server with its business partner. Even if the partner does not have the Excel program, they can easily view or edit the spreadsheet using Google Docs. The updated spreadsheet will be seamlessly merged back into the Egnyte file server.

"Integrating Google Docs lets us offer the industry leading online editing capabilities as a seamless extension to our platform," said Jain. "The cloud is altering the nature of file serving and vendors cannot afford to offer silos of solutions anymore -- one for large file transfer, another for sharing and yet another for online editing. Bringing together disparate technologies, old and new, into one integrated framework is a big step forward in serving our customer's needs."

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