Mazatlan Applauds the Arts With Eclectic 2010 Cultural Series

MAZATLAN, Mexico, Nov. 19, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mazatlán kicks off its travel season with music, art and dance, as city and state cultural organizations join forces to present an arts extravaganza that runs through December 2010. The series takes travelers and locals on a cultural journey - showcasing opera, ballet, folkloric and contemporary dance, film, concerts, art exhibits, poetry, plays, children's shows, and more - in unique historical venues.

"Mazatlán is proud of its rich cultural heritage," says Carlos Berdegué, vice president of the Mazatlán Hotel Association. "We continually strive to provide world-class entertainment filled with color and joy. Travelers and locals here are treated to an eclectic calendar of performances, with most events taking place in Old Mazatlán, the city's charming historic district."

Located in the heart of Old Mazatlán, Teatro Angela Peralta (Angela Peralta Theater) is the city's cultural hub. This landmark theater, built in the 19th-century, has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur by the city and its residents. With its fanciful neo-classical architecture and 21st-century comforts, the Angela Peralta treats audiences to all kinds of performances: ballets, operas, musicals, films, art exhibits, comedies, and concerts from classical to jazz and pop, among others.

The destination's 2010 cultural series premiered this month at the Angela Peralta with a tango show, "Milonguera," sponsored by the Sociedad Artistica Sinaloense (Artistic Sinaloa Society). At center stage was Mora Godoy, the acclaimed Argentine dancer who has performed alongside legends, from Israeli conductor and pianist Daniel Baremboim to the Rolling Stones. Mora maintains the tango's beauty and power, while adding a modern twist with her dramatic original dance form, tango-ballet.

Also this month, the Angela Peralta was filled with the music of local choral groups, Guillermo Sarabia's Choir and the City's Arts and Center Children's Choir, comprised of talented young singers, ages of 8 - 17. In a performance promoted by the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán, the singers wowed the crowd with songs from Latin American folklore and traditional Mexican hits.

The enchantment continues throughout the fall and winter at the Angela Peralta, home to Delfos Contemporary Dance Company, one of Latin America's most significant contemporary dance companies. Fluency and poetry are the keynotes of a dance signature that has won over international audiences and earned the company commissions for opera, television and video. Delfos treats travelers and locals to frequent performances at the Angela Peralta throughout the travel season.

Lovers of fine art will find much to explore when Old Mazatlán's art galleries open their doors for free tours, exhibit debuts, and lectures by visiting and local artists. These art walks feature dynamic displays of photography, paintings and sculptures in neoclassical buildings refurbished to house the city's art galleries.

Music and art spill onto the cobblestone streets of Old Mazatlán as well, with picturesque Republic Plaza and Machado Plaza as the sites for free outdoor concerts and jazz performances, all part of Mazatlán's standing ovation for the arts. To find out more about this vibrant destination, visit

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About Mazatlán
Mazatlán is located on Mexico's Pacific Coast at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. As Mexico's second largest coastal city, Mazatlán has nearly 600,000 inhabitants. The city is divided into two main areas: Old Mazatlán and Zona Dorada or Golden Zone, with a seven-mile coastal road between the two. Mazatlán has an international sport-fishing reputation. Sites of interest include: the Angela Peralta Theater, Archeological Museum, Republic Plaza, Ocean Museum, Botanic Garden, San Jose Chapel and the world's second-tallest lighthouse. Transportation is available via the local "pulmonías" or four-person open-air vehicles that have become a symbol of the city. Visit Mazatlán on the World Wide Web at www.gomazatlá

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