Why Do Many Mom Bloggers Prefer KIDStrong(R) Proactive Hydration(TM) Drink Over Sports Drinks?

FAIR HAVEN, NJ--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - KIDStrong® Enterprises, an innovative provider of positive energy to kids, has been introducing mom bloggers nationwide to KIDStrong® Proactive Hydration Drink.

KIDStrong is the only children's beverage formulated to retain as well as replace vital fluids and nutrients. The KIDStrong formula is based on sound nutritional principles and contains all-natural ingredients with 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for optimal growth. What's more, unlike sports drinks or other hydration drinks on the market, KIDStrong is 100% natural with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or stimulants. KIDStrong also has a low glycemic index and is very low in natural sugar.

"Introducing ourselves to mom bloggers and providing samples of KIDStrong for their families to review is the primary focus of our media outreach program. It has enabled us to directly connect with and receive genuine feedback from real moms looking for healthier food and beverage options for their children," remarked the company's Chief Marketing Officer, Martin Mannion.

Integrating social media and blog outreach into its marketing plan has put KIDStrong on the forefront of progressive grassroots marketing. "We are expanding our outreach to dad bloggers and others who may have a stake in providing children with healthier food and beverage choices and eradicating our country's childhood obesity epidemic," added Mannion.

The overall feedback from blogging moms and their children has been positive. The author of The Funky Monkey, a blog that introduces unique products in child development to busy parents, wrote, "You'll feel great knowing that your children are getting the vitamins and minerals they need, without all of the added sugar that is linked to childhood obesity."

KIDStrong hydration beverage was a hit in Julee's household as well, who expressed in her blog, Mommy's Memorandum, that "KIDStrong is making my role as a Mom easier to provide healthy options."

Sheila, a New Jersey native and devoted mother of two, wrote, "An excellent alternative to caffeine drinks and sugary sports drinks, KIDStrong is healthy, nutritious, and naturally addresses a growing child's need for strength and energy," in her blog, Pieces of a Mom.

"The overwhelming majority of mom bloggers love the nutritional benefits of KIDStrong, but there are rare occasions where their kids don't like the flavor and they let us know. We use that information as guerilla research to develop new flavors," explained Mannion.

KIDStrong is currently available in three flavors -- Clearly Orange, Clearly Grape, and Clearly Fruit Punch -- with more underway. "We'll go back to the mom bloggers and say, 'If your kids didn't like orange, grape, or fruit punch, maybe they'll like watermelon or one of the other flavors we have in the pipeline.'"

More KIDStrong mom blogger reviews are posted online and continuously updated. Blogger inquiries about reviewing KIDStrong should be directed to Marisa Tranchina at mtranchina@lanmarkgroup.com. For consumer information and special promotions regarding KIDStrong, please call 888-302-0236 or visit www.KIDStrong.com

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KIDStrong Enterprises embraces the belief that children are our planet's most valuable asset. Its mission is to deliver a message of strength, health, vitality, and optimism by providing products and understanding that empower children both physically and mentally. The company strives to be a no-nonsense provider of tips, tools, and all-natural products to make it easier for children and their parents to live a healthy lifestyle.

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