Rwiz ontheweb Reporting and Distribution Software Provides Executives With Easy, Secure Access to HR Information

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) - Enterprise Information Resources Inc. (EIR) today announced Release 5.4 of Rwiz® ontheweb, a reporting and distribution tool for HR information. Rwiz ontheweb makes it easy for HR and other managers to run interactive reports and securely distribute the results. This software offers choice: end-users are not limited to canned reports with limited selects. 

Rwiz ontheweb delivers data used by HR, finance and payroll operations; line managers, senior management, and others for decision making, planning, and analysis. With Rwiz ontheweb users have control over how they view reports. For example, through dynamic sort fields, a Turnover Rate report can be viewed several ways; such as by managers, EEOC categories, etc. These report results are also interactive offering the ability to drill down into the data. Security is set by HRIS and automatically enforced so only employees with approved access are able to work with and view specific data. 

"HR data is the backbone of many organizational decisions and processes involving HR, compliance, finance, and security, etc. Providing immediate, secure access to HR information with the flexibility to easily change the report view allows organizations to quickly answer questions, gain new insights and/or to validate existing knowledge," said France Lampron, CEO of Enterprise Information Resources Inc.

Examples of Rwiz ontheweb reports include common HR operational reports such as New Hire List, Termination List, Training Investment per FTE, Cost per Hire, etc. More complex reporting such as Monthly Turnover and Vacancy reports based on several indicators are also easily delivered via the Web. HRIS writes the initial report with the Rwiz report writer; sets the security and posts it to a company website for access by HR and other departments within the organization. The security feature safeguards data -- only those with access can run reports and view report data.

For HRIS, the Rwiz reporting tool automates and streamlines report writing while addressing the security concerns of corporate IT. Rwiz connects directly to an organization's ERP database or data warehouse and provides end-users with little or no SQL programming experience the ability to write complex queries. A robust product, Rwiz has been in use at a number of mid-sized and multi-national corporations for over 10 years.

Rwiz ontheweb Release 5.4 is available today. For more information on pricing contact EIR at

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