WareValley Orange Helps Businesses to Business Database Migration Through Changing Economic Climate

As Global Markets Recover, WareValley Orange Addresses Database Management and Security Challenges Faced by Newly Consolidated Businesses

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - WareValley Orange [http://www.warevalley.com], the leading cross-platform database management utility, is reaching out to the US enterprise market. This database development and performance management tool simplifies database management and increases productivity, particularly when enterprises using different database platforms merge, and these databases cannot be migrated to a single platform. With support for all leading databases such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase and MySQL, Orange is in pole position to solve database problems resulting from merged IT departments. WareValley Orange addresses enterprises and larger organizations including hospitals, banks and insurance companies, along with e-commerce companies all the way up to telcos.

"Following the recent financial crises, many banks merged or were absorbed by larger entities. While the tellers only sit behind a new logo, the real business challenge lies behind the scenes. Inoperable databases cost several billion man hours," explained Son Sam-Soo, chairman of WareValley. "WareValley Orange enables companies across all industries to quickly and efficiently resolve any database migration problem while also working to address other challenges associated with new mergers and acquisitions, including database security and access control."

WareValley is the winner of the top ten hottest Korean companies selected by the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

About WareValley
WareValley is the leading cross-platform database solution vendor to simplify management and increase enterprise productivity. Their core technology includes database security, vulnerability assessment, and database management and cloning across all leading database platforms, including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase and MySQL. For more information about Warevalley, visit them on the web at www.warevalley.com.

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