(CCTR) China Crescent PPS Potential to Deliver ROI in Conjunction With 2010 Record Growth and Highlights of Anticipated 2011 Developments Discussed in Shareholder Letter

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - December 15, 2010) - China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: CCTR) has released a letter to shareholders discussing what is referred to within the letter as the 'OTCBB Factor' to consider when investing in OTCBB quoted companies, including China Crescent Enterprises. The letter goes on to review China Crescent's operational successes and corresponding return on investment potential in light of the 'OTCBB Factor.' The letter also highlights potential operational successes anticipated in the coming year that could trigger future return on investment opportunities. China Crescent's current price per share (PPS) is less than a penny ($0.01). The letter makes special mention of both the opportunities to achieve dramatic returns on sub-penny investments and the careful considerations that should be addressed when making a sub-penny investment.

The letter from Philip Verges, China Crescent Founder and Board Member, is included in its entirety below.

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

China Crescent is a young Company with big plans. The prospect of long-term success looks promising in light of the Company's 2010 performance. China Crescent posted a profit through the first three quarters on over $50 million in revenue. The Company had only realized $30 million in revenue through the third quarter last year. In fact, the revenue for all of 2009 was only $45 million.

PPS Performance and ROI Past, Present and Future

In spite of the Company's tremendous fundamental financial performance, the price per share (PPS) is not steadily increasing. Some investors that purchased stock in anticipation of China Crescent achieving forecasted objectives are disappointed by the PPS performance. At the same time, other investors have managed satisfactory returns making China Crescent one of the most actively traded stocks quoted on the Over-The-Counter-Bulletin-Board (OTCBB).

I want all investors to realize satisfactory returns. So, the purpose of this letter today is to submit investment strategies I think are best suited for achieving optimal results from investments in OTCBB listed companies and to provide some highlights of how those strategies might be implemented with China Crescent.

The 'OTCBB Factor' To Consider Into Investments

The OTCBB is comprised of several different types of companies. Some companies list on the OTCBB to bypass the more expensive process of directly listing on a national exchange such as NASDAQ or the NYSE Euronext. This type of company then works to achieve a 'graduation' listing onto a national exchange. Other companies are delisted from national exchanges to the OTCBB after failing to maintain PPS performance standards. China Crescent does not fit into either of these categories.

China Crescent is an early stage, entrepreneurially managed company that listed on the OTCBB to gain access to the investment market that is available to publicly listed companies. China Crescent's business plans have required and continue to require investment.

Statistically, only about fifty percent of early stage, entrepreneurially managed companies, public or private, continue to operate beyond three to five years. That statistic alone makes these companies a high risk investment. A publicly listed early stage company can be less risky than a similar private investment because an investment in publicly traded stock can be liquidated at any time. The typical private investment only has the potential to realize a return if the target company happens to be one of the fifty percent that succeeds long-term. The public market investor has the opportunity of opting out of a long-term investment and otherwise taking a return on investment at anytime the PPS is higher than when it was purchase.

Take ROI When The Company Achieves A Milestone Success -- Again and Again

The type of investor attracted to OTCBB investments is frequently looking for a higher rate of return over a shorter period of time than what might otherwise be expected from an investment in a national exchange listed company. To those interested in OTCBB investments, I regularly suggest concentrating on the early stage, entrepreneurial category of OTCBB listings. While only about half of them will succeed long-term, many of them will have milestone successes along the way. These milestone successes can inspire corresponding increases in share price that create an opportunity for achieving a high rate of return over a short period of time.

Why doesn't the share price keep going up after a milestone success? Well for one, you are not the only investor taking advantage of the share price increase. The volume of selling stock in order to realize a return on investment from a milestone-inspired increase can overcome the demand to purchase stock and contribute to holding back a further increase. Sometimes the milestone-inspired selling can even contribute to reversing the increase. Milestone-inspired share price increases are most often only temporary. Another contributor to the frequent halt in a milestone success driven share price increase is an increase in issued and outstanding.

Remember, early stage entrepreneurial companies listed on the OTCBB in the first place to get access to investment and receiving that investment results in the company issuing new stock. The average share price on the OTCBB is about $0.04. If an OTCBB company raises $1 million with stock at an average share price of $0.04, then at least 25 million new shares are likely to be issued.

China Crescent's PPS has been volatile. The overall share price trend has been down over the last year, but the periodic increases have created return on investment opportunities many times. The return opportunities stretch periods of time that can last days, but sometimes only minutes. The OTCBB is an investment environment that requires constant attention.

I periodically conduct Webcast presentations on the 'Milestone Investing Strategy'. I plan to conduct the next presentation on Tuesday, December 21st.

China Crescent Potential Milestone Opportunities

The sales growth China Crescent has demonstrated through the first three quarters of 2010 has established some momentum. Management anticipates similar growth for the foreseeable future. The Company also has a number of pilot projects that could result in larger subsequent contracts. The largest of those has been discussed publicly by the Company. China Crescent has engaged a $1.6 million pilot project contract in conjunction with a $160 million letter of intent contingent upon a successful pilot. Ongoing sales success and the periodic large contracts are potential milestone-inspired share price increase triggers.

On January 6th, China Crescent will conduct a Webcast to present the Company's business plan for 2011. The presentation will include an overview of the Company's plan to achieve a NYSE Euronext listing in conjunction with a broader NewMarket Greenfield Partnership Program strategy. China Crescent also plans to spin off one of its operations into an independently traded company in a transaction that would result in a distribution of stock in the new public company to China Crescent shareholders. Any of these events could trigger a milestone-inspired PPS increase.

A Special Note on Sub-Penny PPS

China Crescent is one of a growing number of OTCBB companies with a share price below a penny. I will discuss the sub-penny phenomenon in the Milestone Webcast next week, on the 21st, as well as address the challenges faced by some investors when their brokerage firm makes it difficult to trade sub-penny stock. With a share price below a penny, investors should carefully consider the size of their overall investment. Much more stock has to trade in order to liquidate a position in the event a milestone-inspired PPS increase opportunity arises.

On the other hand, the potential benefit of a sub-penny share price is the increased possibility to realize dramatic returns. In terms of dollars and cents, a PPS does not have to increase much to create a dramatic ROI opportunity. For instance, stock purchased at a PPS of one tenth of one cent ($0.001) can potentially deliver a 100% ROI on a PPS increase of one tenth of one cent ($0.001) to two tenths of one cent ($0.002). When investing in penny and sub-penny stocks, it might be good to keep in mind the mantra "small investments over short periods of time." A $1,000 investment at a PPS of $0.001 purchases 1 million shares. It might also be good to make sure the trading volume of the company you are investing in can support your potential liquidation requirements.

The Small Equity Initiative

In the last year, I have founded an organization named the Small Equity Initiative to provide entrepreneurs with education on how best to secure investment, to provide investors with education on how best to achieve returns on small business investments and to advocate for much needed small business investment market improvements worldwide. The Small Equity Initiative has had a number of milestone successes of its own over the past year.

The Small Equity Initiative has been recognized by the United Nations. I now sit on an Advisory Board to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR). The UNISDR has recognized the economic power and importance of the small business sector and is working to engage small businesses in entrepreneurial endeavors that can mitigate the risk of losses in the event of a natural disaster. The Small Equity Initiative also participated in the Annual Forum for Small Business Capital Formation held at the Securities and Exchange Commission and contributed to a number of requested small business investment regulatory changes. Just a few short weeks ago, the Small Equity Initiative participated in the Economist Magazine's World In 2011 Forum that included President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation among other notable participants.

I expect 2011 to be an even bigger year for the Small Equity Initiative. Please visit the Small Equity Initiative website to learn more (www.smallequity.com) and sign up to receive Small Equity updates by emailing info@smallequity.com.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,


Philip Verges
Founder and Board Member
China Crescent Enterprises, Inc.

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