Xpert Financial Announces First SEC-Registered Alternative Trading System for Private Company Securities

Subsidiary Xpert Securities to Provide Both Primary Offerings and Secondary Trading of Private Company Shares on an Electronic Platform Called Xpert ATS

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - January 3, 2011) - Xpert Financial, Inc. today announced that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the registration of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xpert Securities, to operate the first alternative trading system (ATS) for private company securities called Xpert ATS. Xpert ATS allows private companies to both issue primary company shares to investors selected by the company as well as provide liquidity to shareholders and investors in a true secondary trading system for private company stock. Private companies, qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) and accredited investors that are interested in more information may pre-register at www.xpertfinancial.com.

Xpert ATS is the first electronic platform to enable private companies to conduct primary offerings. The proprietary technology behind the Xpert ATS primary offering capability was created to increase a company's access to qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) and accredited investors nationwide, while providing company-certified information for prospective investors -- two industry firsts that help reduce the cost and friction that is common when a company raises capital through the issuance of private company stock today.

"Our goal is to put private companies in control of the initial and secondary markets for their shares, while producing a much more transparent market for private company securities," said Thomas Foley, CEO of Xpert Financial. "Existing bulletin board and phone-based brokerages cannot provide the security, transparency or control that private companies deserve and that sophisticated investors expect."

From its inception in 2009, Xpert Financial has focused on building a platform that benefits companies and investors in the market for private company securities. Unlike existing methods for secondary trading, Xpert ATS gives companies complete control over which shareholders sell and which investors purchase their securities, increasing access to initial investors, improving employee retention and enabling companies to stay well under the 500 shareholder threshold. Xpert ATS also enables companies to securely share information with interested investors directly approved by the company, enabling these investors to make informed investment decisions.

"Today secondary markets are useful only to existing shareholders, often former employees, in private companies with billion dollar valuations, or to investors willing to risk investing in these companies based on limited publicly-available information," said Foley. "The company itself, which has created all of the value, is completely left out of the loop."

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Xpert Financial, through its registered subsidiary Xpert Securities, operates Xpert ATS, the only fully-electronic Alternative Trading System for private company securities registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Xpert ATS supports both primary offerings and secondary trading of private company securities. Trading of private company shares are controlled by the issuing company, which authorizes both sellers and buyers. Private companies, qualified institutional buyers and accredited investors that are interested in more information may pre-register at www.xpertfinancial.com.

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