New BrightLine Study Finds Moms Engage Longer With Interactive TV Ads

Coupons, Sweepstakes and Recipes Hit Moms' Sweet Spot

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) - Tech-savvy moms in the U.S. use their remote control to engage with interactive TV ads at higher rates than with online ads or traditional 30-second commercials, according to new research from BrightLine (, the leading innovator in advanced television advertising.

Compared to other key consumer segments, such as males 18-24, moms also show a higher propensity to click and engage with relevant content on TV.

Using the company's own extensive original research and complementary data from other public sources, BrightLine found that moms click on ads targeted to them via interactive TV experiences at a rate 19 times higher than that of targeted ads they might encounter online. 

Additionally, moms spend almost four minutes interacting with branded content on their television sets --seven times longer than is possible with the one-way message in a 30-second TV commercial. In addition, that length of engagement is more than 20 percent longer than that of male audiences in general and 10 percent higher than that of the much-coveted young-male segment aged 18-24.

"With an estimated 80 million moms in the U.S. who have more than $2 trillion in collective spending power, it's pretty clear that the mom segment is 'large and in charge,'" said Jacqueline Corbelli, co-founder and CEO of BrightLine. "These findings show that consumers overall, but especially the influential mom demographic, are very receptive to personalized ads that they can engage with through advanced TV advertising techniques."

The findings are the latest in a series of primary data-driven studies from BrightLine on the specific ways in which TV audience behavior has changed since the onset of digital technologies and enhanced remote control capabilities over the past seven years. In June, a separate report generated by BrightLine revealed that Hispanic consumers are early adopters within the advanced TV advertising universe, clicking on TV ads at rates more than twice that of the general market.

The substantial and expanding base of insights shed a critical light on audience behavior with on-demand and interactive TV advertising, and consistently reinforces the opportunity for marketers to create a meaningful dialogue vs. monologue with target consumers.

Other findings in the report showed that:

  • More than any other consumer segment, moms like receiving offers and information regarding special value coupons, sweepstakes and relevant, complementary content like recipes as a seamless part of their TV viewing experience, especially for personal-care items.

  • A strategic mix of advanced-TV ad features can bolster the cost efficiency of the traditional TV buy, yielding a record $0.13 cost per voluntary engagement.

"As behaviors continue their gradual yet permanent march toward a more interactive and personalized experience driven by digital technologies, a particular emphasis should be placed on the growing body of data across audiences, TV platforms and ad categories and the opportunities this offers for marketers," said Ms. Corbelli.

About BrightLine:
BrightLine ( is the leading innovator in the strategic application of interactive TV advertising. The company creates and implements customized, measurable interactive television ad experiences in ways that achieve instant mass scale and effectiveness, is most organic for TV viewers and feeds their observed remote control behavior. BrightLine transforms passive TV advertising, like the traditional 30 second spot, into an effective customer-driven interaction -- the end result is superior overall viewer involvement that leads to deeper engagement with higher levels of brand recall, purchase intent, and product sales. | Twitter: @brightlineiTV

Jacqueline Corbelli, Chief Executive Officer, BrightLine