Applied DNA Sciences Adds New Customers in Growing Textile Business

Forensic Marking and Product Authentication in Greater Demand

STONY BROOK, NY--(Marketwire - January 13, 2011) - Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solutions, announced additional sales and continued growth in developing its global textile business. Expanding on its FiberTyping™ business, APDN is adding new customers and developing existing business, utilizing its proprietary SigNature® DNA technologies for marking and authenticating genuine textile and apparel.

DNA Authenticating for Cotton Labels
Consumers rely on product labels to reflect the true content and authenticity of the product. This is especially true considering the cost increase of cotton. Recently, a report from the National Inflation Association announced that the cost of cotton has increased by 54% and this increase has been making its way to store shelves across the globe. Having a metric that can verify cotton quality and label compliance is a key benefit of FiberTyping. It should be of special utility to enable enforcement by FTC and US Customs, as well as retailers and brand owners to ensure compliance with textile labeling laws.

FiberTyping: Supply Chain Security
FiberTyping is a patent-pending genetic test that enables retailers, yarn manufacturers, and even cotton growers to verify whether the original cotton fiber was used to manufacture the cotton product. From raw fiber to yarn to greige fabric and ultimately, to finished fabrics, FiberTyping DNA testing can identify the exact cotton species (G.barbadense or G. hirsutum) in any cotton labeled product. FiberTyping requests continue to be fulfilled for yarn manufacturers from India, Pakistan, China, and Supima, the promotional organization of the American Pima cotton growers. APDN is working within many textile sectors to add strong positioning in the overall supply chain. One large UK company, with over 700 retail outlets, has engaged APDN to test towels and bedding products to determine whether they contain 100% pima cotton, as labeled. This is but one example of how customers are using FiberTyping to better control their supply chain to ensure 100% accountability.

Made-In-Yorkshire Anti Counterfeiting Technology
To support continued business development efforts in the UK and Europe, APDN has opened its new DNA textile authentication laboratory and European office at the Textile Centre of Excellence (TCE) in Yorkshire. APDN is partnering with the TCE in a joint effort to globally expand the DNA taggant marking and product authentication technology in the European Market, with a reach to the Pacific Rim. Additional orders have been fulfilled and will continue to develop with TCE and customers throughout Europe, as a part of this ongoing partnership.

Bill Macbeth, Managing Director of the Textile Centre of Excellence, said, "We have now perfected the process of protecting top quality textiles with the APDN botanical DNA. The Yorkshire 'Signature' protection is now available as an affordable and foolproof way of guaranteeing that products produced in this region are authentic. The next stage will see leading brands using the technology to 'audit' their distribution chains and identify where product substitution is taking place. There is massive worldwide market potential for this approach, with forensic testing now available at the new laboratory in Huddersfield."

Peter Ackroyd, Consultant to the International Wool Textile Organisation, said, "Several of the large wool and wool worsted merchants in the leading fabric market have seized the opportunity to adopt the use of APDN's botanical DNA protection to guarantee the provenance and intellectual integrity of their brands in key and emerging markets throughout the world. The APDN DNA taggants provide consumers with excellent proof of provenance and protection for premium priced goods and guarantee authenticity worldwide."

Worldwide Textiles Seek Brand Security
Another area of growth is the woven and printed label industry. Labels are used throughout the textile industry for product recognition and brand integrity. Adding SigNature DNA taggants to designer labels provides brand security and counterfeit protection. APDN has recently received a contract from a leading labeling company out of Milan, Italy. Their customer base is made up of leaders in high end Italian manufacturing to include apparel, hand bags, leather products and footwear.

Recently, APDN began working with Prestigio en Moda of Mexico. Prestigio is a major uniform manufacturer calling on government and federal agencies, including security groups and police departments. Prestigio was looking for a technology it could rapidly and cost effectively implement, to insure the integrity of its products.

"We immediately saw the potential of this high-end visionary technology as well as the possibilities it could bring to intelligently differentiate our products and to enter into new markets," stated company owner and General Director, Moises Rodriquez.

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About APDN
APDN sells patented DNA security solutions that provide anti-counterfeit protection, as well as protecting brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. SigNature DNA is a botanical mark used for product authentication in a unique manner that essentially cannot be copied. When used in conjunction with other law enforcement technologies, SigNature DNA can provide a forensic chain of evidence that has been used successfully in more than 15 convictions. To learn more, go to where APDN routinely posts all press releases.

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