Tone's ReliaTel Delivers Comprehensive SIP Management for Converged VoIP Environments

ReliaTel VoIP QoS Management Solution Provides End-to-End Visibility and Control Over the Quality and Performance of SIP-Based Trunks

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive network monitoring and management solutions for converged telecommunications and IT infrastructures, today announced the immediate availability of SIP management through its ReliaTel® VoIP quality of service (QoS) and Converged Infrastructure Management software. The SIP management facility strengthens the ReliaTel core competency of managing voice quality, network service levels and the physical voice and data infrastructure from end to end, across virtually any convergence technology mix. 

With SIP trunking permeating corporate telephony networks at a rapid pace, SIP technology is becoming a foundation for deploying and implementing unified communications, mobility, collaboration and telepresence applications. Further, SIP trunks are often justified based on expected cost-savings for enterprises. As a result, effectively managing SIP trunks is imperative to ensure the service levels of the SIP transport layer, the quality of voice traffic as it enters the corporate network, and the expected financial ROI.

Tone's ReliaTel solution provides a platform-agnostic, comprehensive VoIP QoS and converged infrastructure management system in a unified solution, currently available in a fully-hosted, premises-based, or turnkey deployment and licensing option. ReliaTel's SIP management provides significant value in SIP deployments, enabling enterprises to monitor the Quality of Service of their VoIP call traffic as it enters their corporate WAN/LAN, as well as the physical health and performance of the SIP connected devices and links.

"VoIP quality problems are not always isolated within the corporate network," noted Amit Kapoor, director of strategic technology advancement for Tone. "Quality issues frequently originate at the SIP trunks, prior to the voice packets ever reaching the corporate gateways or switch. Using ReliaTel SIP management, MSPs and enterprises have the visibility necessary to differentiate where these issues occur and the nature of the quality impairment -- which significantly increases their ability to rapidly resolve quality issues and control VoIP quality and service levels."

ReliaTel's ability to monitor and analyze VoIP QoS in real-time provides immediate awareness of quality degradation occurring at the SIP trunk, and the specific metrics and facts related to the quality or service issue. Armed with this critical data, voice teams can engage SIP providers earlier and work directly with their carrier or Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) to resolve the correct quality problems, rather than wasting time chasing the wrong root cause of quality issues they assume are originating within their own network. As a result, quality issues are resolved more rapidly, with far less negative impact to overall business communications.

ReliaTel converged network management also enables users to monitor and manage their physical SIP architecture -- including session border controllers, gateways and softswitches -- for device health, link status and utilization statistics. This ensures the physical network is available and capable of moving the voice traffic between SIP trunks and the corporate VoIP network.

Further, ReliaTel's strong VoIP QoS and service level reporting capabilities enable voice teams to easily track trends in voice quality, availability, utilization and performance of their SIP trunks over time. These metrics can be invaluable in validating the SLA compliance of their SIP carrier or ITSP, or to document non-compliance with SLA commitments.

Available immediately, ReliaTel SIP management is provided within the core capabilities of the ReliaTel VoIP QoS Management and Converged Network Management core application. Please visit for more information.

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Tone Software Corporation is a global provider of comprehensive network monitoring and management solutions for converged telecommunications and IT infrastructures. Tone's ReliaTel solutions provide managed service providers, value added resellers (VARs) and enterprises with a unified approach for managing and monitoring their entire converged voice communications infrastructure, supporting the industry's leading devices, networks and environments from multiple vendors on multiple platforms. By unifying multi-vendor VoIP QoS and converged network management and monitoring in one solution, Tone Software eliminates the need for expensive, equipment-specific management hardware, software tools or vendor-specific monitoring services. ReliaTel provides the ideal platform for managed service providers, VARs and enterprises who today must not only cost effectively manage their voice communications and infrastructure to assure service levels, but who also require a comprehensive management platform that fully supports their evolution to future communications technologies and innovations. For more information, go to

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ReliaTel's VoIP QoS Dashboards give real-time visibility into both quality and performance of SIP trunks and traffic. Shown in the screenshot above, this dashboard image provides a graphical, real-time view of the current QoS and performance metrics occurring in the managed environment, both within the WAN/LAN as well as the SIP trunks.