Expanded Polystyrene Roof Insulation Cuts Costs for Million Sq. Ft. Distribution Facility

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) -   ACH Foam Technologies provided 2.75 million board feet of Foam-Control® expanded polystyrene (EPS) roof insulation for the massive roof of the million-plus square foot Uline distribution center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Construction of the mammoth building was completed in the summer of 2009.

According to Phil Hunt, VP Materials Management for Uline, material costs -- as well as long term thermal performance and speed of installation -- were key factors in choosing Type II Foam-Control EPS roof insulation for the enormous roof. "Managing the costs to build, heat and cool a facility like this required a high level of scrutiny during the design and construction phases," explained Hunt. EPS roof insulation was selected for the project because it provided all of these benefits in addition to meeting the project's aggressive construction schedule. "After researching the cost and long-term performance of the different types of insulation available, we determined that EPS provided the most thermal protection for the least cost," Hunt said.

The large steel-framed structure consisted of pre-cast concrete walls and a structurally sloped steel roof deck. The roof design incorporated 245 skylights to provide natural light while reducing electrical costs. One layer of 2.5" Type II Foam-Control EPS roof insulation was installed over a steel roof deck in a ballasted EPDM assembly. The membrane manufacturer, Firestone, awarded the project with its full system Red Shield warranty.

"Due to the size, location and fast-tracked schedule of the Uline project, it was imperative that quality materials were delivered in a timely and consistent manner," explained Chris Busalacchi, VP, Schranz Roofing and Sheet Metal. Busalacchi added, "ACH's understanding of these requirements and their commitment to fulfill them played a big part in making the project successful. We have worked with the people at ACH Foam for many years and consider them a valuable supplier of roof insulation to our company."

ACH Foam Technologies' Foam-Control expanded polystyrene (EPS) roof insulation has been used nationwide for 40 years in commercial roof insulation applications for its cost-effective, long-term R-value and easy to use tapered systems. Foam-Control EPS is available in a variety of densities, thicknesses and sizes and comes with a 20-year thermal warranty.

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Foam Control EPS Roof Insulation manufactured by ACH Foam Technologies was chosen to top the million square foot Uline distribution center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.