KEMA Opens Energy Storage Performance Testing Lab

First U.S. Testing Solution for the Rapidly Evolving Energy Storage Industry

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) -  As energy storage technologies and applications continue to advance, testing and verification solutions have become ever-more critical. KEMA is offering expanded energy storage performance testing solutions at its new laboratory located at the KEMA-Powertest facility in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. KEMA's energy storage performance testing offering is the nation's first comprehensive component to megawatt system testing service for the rapidly evolving energy storage industry.

KEMA's energy storage performance testing verifies the performance, interoperability, and integration of any energy storage system. The testing is conducted on a single component cell or stack level through to utility-scale, megawatt systems. The performance testing uses a utility grid interconnection to test large-scale systems in their desired application for up to 2 MW, which is unique in the industry. KEMA also applies field testing up to any power level, and tests performance through any application such as renewable integration, peak shaving, and frequency regulation. 

"It is important to test at the three levels -- cell and stack, system scale, and in the field up to any power level," said Paul Leufkens, president of KEMA-Powertest. "Testing at each level of complexity helps identify and fix any weak parts in the system. It's an integrated process to test on the small scale, see what you can do there, then derive 'model' rules, apply and check on system scale, and confirm at site. Ultimately, it is about the performance that a utility may expect from a system."

"Whereas much work is yet to be done in developing policies and standards for energy storage devices and applications," said Hugo van Nispen, president and managing director of KEMA, Inc., "KEMA's dedicated lab for energy storage performance testing solutions works with our clients to confirm all essential specifications, so they can be confident in their investments. Our testing solutions extend beyond the abilities that many other testing services provide in this field, offering significant value to clients. Our flexible capabilities can provide more accurate solutions to identify optimal storage systems for specific applications and determine sound business cases for deployment."

KEMA has become recognized as a global leader in energy storage. Its contributions span technology development and evaluation, demonstration of end-use applications, and the advancement of visionary large-scale storage applications. KEMA's energy storage performance testing solutions additionally build off our experience of over 80 years as a global leader in testing and certifying power system products and components. Its testing services and related business and consulting solutions have evolved over the years to meet the energy and utility industry's changing needs and challenges. Today, KEMA combines its tradition in high- and medium-voltage testing and certification expertise with newer advanced labs, including the energy storage performance testing lab, a metering test lab, and a power electronics test lab. 

KEMA will demonstrate its energy storage performance testing capabilities at its KEMA-Powertest facility in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, March 3, 2011. View the complete agenda to learn more about this lab opening event. Learn more about the energy storage performance testing lab in a KEMA video interview at DistribuTECH 2011.

About KEMA
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