OPTIZMO VS. LashBack: Why Email Advertisers Need Both

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - In an effort to add more continuity and transparency throughout all email advertising channels, OPTIZMO™ and LashBack™ partnered to give Email Advertisers, Networks, and Agencies a combined solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In some instances, it has been perceived that OPTIZMO™ and LashBack™ are competing technologies, when in fact they are complementary services. OPTIZMO™ allows marketers to protect the integrity of their email lists via email suppression list management, while LashBack™ provides technology to monitor the content of email messages being sent to consumers.

OPTIZMO™ = Data Management: OPTIZMO™ provides an easy to use technology for managing the collection and distribution of suppression list data, member files, and relevant analytics associated with email compliance and performance marketing.

"OPTIZMOand LashBack™ are simply BETTER TOGETHER. Both companies are innovative leaders, use best of breed technologies, and when combined, a fully comprehensive email compliance solution. It made sense that OPTIZMOpartner with a company like LashBack™ because there is so much synergy in what both companies are trying to accomplish," said Khris Thayer, CEO of OPTIZMO™.

LashBack™ = Data Intelligence: LashBack™ receives millions of messages sent by advertisers to consumers and stores them in a massive database that can be searched and monitored. In addition to checking for content compliance and providing competitive email intelligence, LashBack™ monitors unsubscribe links and sending behavior.

Brandon Phillips, CEO of LashBack™ said, "As an advertiser, you are responsible for both the email messages being sent on your behalf and protecting the personal information of your customer. Using LashBack™ and OPTIZMO™ together can give clients visibility into their campaigns and a lock on compliance throughout the entire marketing life cycle."

Trifecta -- Adding to this powerful duo, LinkTrust, an advanced software platform serving the affiliate industry with pixel tracking, ad network management and lead management, is the first Affiliate Tracking Software to adopt both OPTIZMO™ and LashBack™ systems.

"Working with OPTIZMO and LashBack has been a breeze," said Frank Ouimette, LinkTrust co-founder. "Their technical teams made a seamless integration into our system. And for all our customers looking to streamline their email efforts, these companies, working in tandem, provide all the tools in the email compliance tool belt."

Why Email Advertisers Need Both -- From an Email Advertisers perspective, long term brand perception and integrity is at the heart of all marketing efforts. In the realm of email marketing, OPTIZMO™ and LashBack™ provide all the tools necessary to protect, manage and monitor that brand integrity. With that said, some might consider this match-up to be the ultimate email compliance solution.

OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC is a web-based application, providing advertisers and affiliate networks a cutting edge online solution for managing email suppression lists and email marketing campaigns. OPTIZMO's focus is not only on email efficiency, CAN-SPAM email compliance and consumer data security, but also usability, cost savings and the future of Web 2.0. www.OPTIZMO.net

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