Orange Vallee Launches 'ON VoiceFeed' App on the App Store

New App Brings Easy-to-Use Voice Messaging Tools to iPhone Users

PARIS--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - Orange Vallée, an innovation and development centre for Orange Group, today announced the immediate availability of its ON VoiceFeed App for iPhone. It can be found on Apple's iPhone app store here:

The app is a new service specifically developed for iPhone that enhances exchanges with family, friends, colleagues and any contact within the phone by creating customized groups and personalized greetings. The app also delivers unique features for converting text to voice messages. 

Communications Modified According to Contacts and Groups
Using the ON VoiceFeed App, ON users can create personalized voicemail greetings by groups of contacts. For example, a user can inform his work colleagues, via one personalized greeting, that he is stuck in a meeting, and at the same time send a different greeting to his wife that he misses her and will be home late. 

Record an Absent Message in Just a Few Clicks
The ON VoiceFeed App can easily be adapted to the needs of each user. If a user is, for example, delayed in a meeting, and needs to record an "away" message on his voicemail system, he can type the message on his iPhone and the text is converted into a voice message.

ON VoiceFeed Combines All the Advantages of Enhanced Visual Voicemail
ON VoiceFeed makes all the functions of visual voicemail available to iPhone owners. Thanks to an intuitive interface, ON VoiceFeed enables, at a glance, the visual consultation of all voice messages received and to select which is most important to listen to, no matter when they are received. You can also see the Facebook or Twitter status of anyone who left you a message.

Giles Corbett, head of ON at Orange Vallée, commented, "The ON VoiceFeed App means my voicemail becomes the beginning of the conversation, and no longer a dead end, as I can greet my callers with a message that is meaningful to them. The goal of ON is to deliver new functionality in voicemail messaging, providing simplified, optimized and enhanced communications solutions for those who want to better organize and communicate with their contacts."

The ON VoiceFeed App is immediately available in the U.S. for free from the iPhone App Store or at

Learn more at

ON VoiceFeed, an Innovation by Orange Vallée
With ON, Orange Vallée has confirmed its role as a "catalyst for ideas" within the Orange Group. This centre for innovation and development, created in 2008, works on identifying new technological uses and needs. It develops innovative services that are available to all users, whatever their mobile phone operator or internet service provider. Orange Vallée, which initiates its projects based on a start-up approach, is also responsible for releasing and marketing its products and services in the different Orange countries.

ON is part of Orange, France Telecom group.