Toasts the Beers of Ireland and Beyond

Introduces the Beer Lover's Guide to Europe

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - While Irish beers might be taking center stage this week, the whole of Europe is a brew lover's delight. With more than 2300 breweries, the continent offers an endless array of beer styles and flavors. To help travelers drink like a local, even if they are just passing through an airport,, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, offers the Beer Lover's Guide to Europe.

"Travel is about expanding our horizons and, often, our palettes," said Andrea Mooney, site editor for "As you travel around Europe, you can find a diversity and complexity of beer options, particularly if you are armed with a little history and insider information. Our beer guide makes it easy to find and order a local beer that suits your tastes and gives you the real flavor of a region, even if you are only there for a 45-minute layover."

Cheapflights' Beer Lover's Guide to Europe breaks down the beers of six countries: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom (including Scotland) and Spain. After a quick introduction to beer landscape of a country, the guide dives into the brews to look out for and even regional specialities.

Here's a sample to help those heading to Ireland to celebrate St Patrick's Day:

Irish Beer: Traditionally, until well into the 18th century, Ireland only brewed ales with no hops as hops aren't native to Ireland until stouts, which are dark malty beers, overtook ales in popularity. The most universally famous is the unique tasting black stout invented by Arthur Guinness in 1778 in Dublin. More recently, lagers have dented the market dominance of Guinness, and Harp Lager, brewed in Dundalk, is sure to available at the airport.

Brews to look out for:

  • 1798 Revolution: A 4.7 percent AVB beer brewed by Guinness' competitor, the Dublin Brewing Company.
  • Maeve's: Another 4.7 percent AVB beer brewed by the same company.
  • Murphy's Stout: A beer locally brewed in Cork and the only stout said to truly compete effectively with the ever famous Guinness. It's less bitter than its rival with a nutty flavor and a hint of coffee, so if passing through Cork, this is the one to ask for. The same brewery is owned by the ubiquitous Heineken and also produces Irish Red ale for export, which might be available at the airport.
  • Guinness, Murphy's Stout, and Harp Lager: As there are no nearby big breweries in Shannon, Ireland's other International Airport, visitors will have to make do with any of these three lagers. It's advisable to ask for the draught rather than bottled versions, and watch the bartenders work their skill at pouring the beers to get the trademark 'head' just right. The process can take up to a few minutes, but can be well worth it, especially if the pourer etches a shamrock into the head.

To read the whole Beer Lover's Guide to Europe, visit the full list at

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