Evident Software Introduces ClearStone 5.0, Application Performance Management Solution for NOSQL, Java, and More

New Solution Offers Developers and Data Center Teams Real-Time and Historical Insight Into Application Performance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) -  GIGAOM STRUCTURE CONFERENCE -- Evident Software, the leading provider of Application Performance Management (APM) for NOSQL, Java, and more, today introduced ClearStone 5.0, a major update of Evident's Application Performance Management (APM) solution for Web, cloud, and enterprise-scale applications. The new ClearStone platform enables developers and data center operations teams to monitor and manage complex applications, including Java applications and applications using NOSQL technologies such as Apache Cassandra, Memcached/Membase, and MongoDB. ClearStone monitors all application tiers -- from the Web tier down to system-level metrics -- and correlates metrics events among tiers. The platform analyzes multi-tier interactions that other monitoring products overlook. ClearStone's comprehensive insight into applications -- available both in real time and in historical archives -- helps developers and operations teams find and fix bugs, perform root-cause analysis of obscure performance problems, optimize performance and scalability, and conduct more accurate capacity planning.

ClearStone 5.0 features an Open Data Interface (ODI), a RESTful API that enables ClearStone to import metrics and event data from an IT asset. Combining custom ODI connectors with ClearStone's ready-to-use Management Pack connectors for JMX, Cassandra, Neo4j, and other technologies, an enterprise IT team can create a single, comprehensive monitoring and management solution for all aspects of their application infrastructure. For all assets being monitored, ClearStone tracks KPIs, monitors thresholds, and notifies users of threshold violations.

"ClearStone 5.0 gives DevOps teams a real-time view of as much of their application infrastructure as they would like to monitor, all in a single pane of glass," said Scott Barnett, CEO of Evident Software. "We've kept the data collection and data visualization features our customers count on, while re-designing the ClearStone internals to make the platform more flexible, extensible, and scalable. We've expanded our family of Management Pack connectors, as well, so we now support important data-caching technologies like Cassandra and MongoDB, as well as more traditional technologies like PostgreSQL and Linux SAR. Our ODI interface makes it easy for customers to extend ClearStone to monitor metrics and KPIs for literally any IT asset on the network. Customers can also use the ODI to import metrics from open source scripts and monitoring tools they're already using. Because of its ease of use and comprehensiveness, we believe ClearStone 5.0 marks a significant milestone in the development of APM solutions for the enterprise."

Evident Software has introduced a new "freemium" pricing model for ClearStone. Pricing is based on the number of resources being monitored. The first 10 resources are free, and annual licenses begin at $100/resource for the eleventh resource. The company's new price list is available here: http://www.evidentsoftware.com/price-list/

A free 30-day trial version of ClearStone is available on the Evident Software Web site: http://www.evidentsoftware.com

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Evident Software delivers the first comprehensive application performance management solution for NOSQL, Java applications and more. The company's ClearStone platform enables developers and operations personnel to monitor, manage, and optimize business-critical and Internet-scale applications. Evident's solutions are installed in the financial, SaaS/cloud, e-commerce, government and IT services industries. The company is based in Newark, N.J. with research and development facilities in Asbury Park, N.J.

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