World's First EFM Speech-to-Text Analytics Engine to Launch This Summer

Mindshare Technologies Creates the First Customer Feedback Management System That Converts Phone Survey Comments Into Instant Alerts

SALT LAKE CITY, March 29, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- That customer really does have your ear!

Mindshare Technologies, the leader in customer feedback management, will soon launch the world's first in-house speech-to-text analytics system in the Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) industry. It's called Mindshare Speech-to-Text(TM), and come Summer 2011, it'll be the loudest technology in the business world.

Mindshare Speech-to-Text(TM) instantly converts over-the-phone survey comments into text, then explores the comments for key factors in customer satisfaction, discovers actionable information, and monitors the improvement of those key factors.

"We're taking a customer's full and honest opinion and turning it into something managers at every level can use right away," said Kurt Williams, CTO of Mindshare. "One of our clients receives 85,000 audio comments a month. Nobody has the time, manpower, and money to listen to all of those comments, transcribe them, and analyze them. But Mindshare does it inexpensively and instantly."

The easiest way for a customer to provide feedback is also, ironically, the most difficult for businesses to capture, and analyze. Mindshare eliminates those problems in three steps:

  1. Using automated surveys that include open-ended questions, customers talk freely and describe their full experience — likes and dislikes — without fear and without the bias that exists when confronting a person.
  2. Mindshare converts all that ranting and raving into text using accurate speech-to-text technology, transcribing the comments and saving them for easy recall.
  3. converted text is then fed into Mindshare's rigorous Text Analytics Suite, which converts the comments into usable insights for location managers and executives. And it's all done in real-time!

Mindshare Speech-to-Text(TM) is designed to save companies an incredible amount of time and money while improving their operations.

For more information about the most accurate and in-depth text analytics engine in the world, visit or contact Erich Dietz at (801) 743-7557.

About Mindshare Technologies

Mindshare drives operational improvement. Using Mindshare, companies improve operational excellence, foster consumer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and support employee retention. Our industry experts guide clients in building comprehensive enterprise feedback management (EFM) solutions. Mindshare's proprietary survey technology captures the voice of the customer in real-time and immediately transforms it into actionable intelligence through powerful and incisive reporting. Mindshare serves more than 25 different industries including travel, hospitality, restaurant, financial, salon, automotive, and retail. For information, visit

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