Stratus Avance 2.1 Makes High Availability Automatic for Small IT Groups

New Version of High-Reliability Software Anticipates and Automates Fixes for Common Implementation, Management Issues

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - Apr 26, 2011) - Uptime Assurance and high reliability computing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) goes from "easy" to "automatic" in the latest version of Stratus Technologies' Avance high availability software, Stratus announced today.

Avance 2.1 has features tailored for organizations with limited IT staffs and budgets, including newly simplified installation, management and maintenance improvements that require no human intervention. "We're looking at simplicity through the eyes of the new kinds of businesses who demand high availability -- medical practices, law firms, bank branches -- and we've aligned Avance ease-of-use with their staffing and budget challenges to deliver uptime assurance for the SMB," said Roy Sanford, chief marketing officer at Stratus.

Pulse Systems, Inc., which is both an Avance customer and a reseller, beta tested the new release. "Software installation is a breeze, so customer training is simpler and takes less time," said Jon Herren, Field Support Manager. "And the 10GB storage link drastically improves data traffic speed and node sync times. That's a big advantage when a VM is generating lots of traffic -- SQL Server, for example -- or when a host node is coming back online."

Avance software runs on industry-standard x86 servers and prevents unpredictable system downtime. Supporting both Windows and Linux application, Avance-based systems are simple for SMBs to deploy, providing immediate uptime support for critical business applications that must be continuously available. Unlike high-availability clustering solutions, Stratus' software handles hardware, network, and host software faults transparently, without need for operator intervention. Avance fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, and does not require external shared storage.

"Small and medium businesses typically have limited IT staff, due to budgetary constraints, and they often find installation of Availability and Clustering Software (ACS) challenging," said Jean S. Bozman, Research Vice President, IDC Enterprise Platforms Group. "Automation of installation and maintenance addresses the shortage of ACS-related skill-sets in these IT settings, and it eases the adoption of software that supports high levels of availability for business applications and databases. IDC customer-based surveys show that the use of availability software is a key component of preserving business continuity by minimizing system downtime and disruption of business processes."

New features in Avance 2.1 further delivers on Stratus' commitment for the highest uptime assurance with simplicity and reliability including:

  • default "call home" service automatically connects Avance users with Stratus' 24x7 technical support center. Stratus IT monitors Avance servers remotely and notifies users of potential problems before an outage can occur;
  • automatic compatibility scans ease installation by ensuring servers have the resources needed to run Avance. The system alerts users if the installation can't be completed;
  • virtual CD re-installation allows users to re-install Avance from a desktop file that emulates a CD, eliminating the step of loading the CDs;
  • 10GB storage link synchronization results in improved storage performance especially during heavy storage write for replication between the physical machines;
  • simplified management interface with dialog boxes, radio buttons and progress bars to help small IT groups monitor Avance's operation;
  • customizable management screens that enable IT to rename and annotate network objects for easier navigation; and
  • automatic network settings checking that alerts IT when a changed setting might cause repeated simple network management protocol (SNMP) notifications.

"Improvements in Avance 2.1 benefit the channel and end user equally," said Roland Stoschik, Technical Director at MTS Group AG. "As a managed service provider, the simplicity of the software in virtually all aspects of installation, use, and management takes an enormous burden off us as well as our customers. They can focus on their business without worrying about the availability of the computing platform. We can focus on adding value to their user experience, with confidence in our ability to achieve our service level metrics. It's a product that performs as advertised."

The price of an Avance license is $5,000 U.S. list. For more detail on Avance high reliability software please visit

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