TerraTherm Reports 60th ISTD Project, High Demand in US and EU for In Situ Thermal Remediation in 2011

FITCHBURG, MA--(Marketwire - May 3, 2011) - TerraTherm, Inc., a rapidly growing provider of environmental remediation services and technologies, is expanding both North American operations and a key licensing partnership in the European Union to accommodate surging adoption of their technologies. The company also announced that it anticipates completion of their 60th ISTD site sometime in 2011. Fifty-nine sites on five continents have been remediated with TerraTherm's In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) technology and numerous projects are currently under way. "The sixty-site milestone is significant because it demonstrates that the marketplace has become aware of the reliability and timeliness of our results. This has led to a growing adoption of Thermal Remediation technologies in general and a demonstrable spike in the number of sites remediated through ISTD in particular. Technical decision makers in the US and the EU are routinely looking at ISTD as a first choice solution where they may have turned to excavation or pump-and-treat options in the past. It is gratifying to see this trend continue and the number of new inquiries increasing, particularly in Europe," says Ralph Baker, Chairman and Chief Scientist of TerraTherm.

More than a dozen ISTD projects have been completed in Europe in recent years, reflecting a wave of growing interest. Responding to increased European inquiries, TerraTherm has expanded its presence there through a close relationship with European partner Krüger A/S. Krüger has been working with traditional in situ remediation for more than 15 years and has a distinguished record of major projects. TerraTherm and Krüger will now serve the market in eight countries including Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Finland. Many EU sites, such as those with a lot of clay that had not been well suited to other in situ remedial technologies, can now be treated effectively with TerraTherm's methods. "The European market seems to be ready for intelligent and effective technologies for soil remediation, and we are very well positioned to provide the high quality processes and reliable results that the market demands. The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are showing significant interest in Krüger as the technology provider of ISTD," says Søren Carsten Nielsen, Head of Department of Krüger A/S. Krüger is a 100% owned subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS), and is active in a number of European countries in close cooperation with local sister companies.

To fully support growth in North America along with partners and licensees in various markets around the globe, TerraTherm has significantly expanded staff and capabilities, while continuing its central focus on the company's core values, total quality and impeccable safety record.

About TerraTherm

TerraTherm, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ thermal remediation of source zones and hazardous waste. They design, build and operate projects from concept to closure, using In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) and the Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process (ET-DSP™). Worldwide service is conducted from company headquarters in Fitchburg, MA and offices in Bakersfield, CA, Denver, CO and Houston, TX as well as licensees including Krüger A/S (Europe), Provectus Group (UK), SheGoTec (Japan) and Thermal Cleaning Technologies (Israel). For more information, please visit