East Coast Public Adjusters Offers Free Claims Service to Tornado Victims

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Coral Gables-based, East Coast Public Adjusters, announced today that they will do their part to help victims of the recent deadly tornado activity that wreaked havoc in the southern United States. ECPA is offering its professional claims services at no charge to Churches, Synagogues, and all other Community Centers damaged by the recent storms in Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.

"Being based in a well-known hub for hurricanes and other potentially fatal storm activity, we sympathize and relate to what the tornado victims are going through," said Daniel Odess, President of East Coast Public Adjusters, Inc. "A renewed sense of community is the best thing that can come out of this tragedy and East Coast is happy to waive our fees and help people receive all that they're entitled to."

Public adjusters are licensed and trained professionals who understand the claims process and are able to speak the same language as the insurance companies. In a study done by the State of Florida it was found that hiring a public adjusting firm like ECPA will net the insured 5 to 7 times more money than the insurance companies initially offer.

If you or someone you know are interested in ECPA's services or just has a question for an experienced Claims Adjusters, simply contact ECPA toll free at 800-264-6541 or email them at
305.447.8678 ext. 300