Solar Topps Announces Solar Rebate Recovery Program for Customers That Have a Confirmed Solar Reservation Number, but Are Tired of Waiting Months for Their Solar Installation to Begin

Solar Topps Does Not Require a Customer Deposit for Switching Solar Installation Companies

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - Solar Topps LLC ( is a leading solar integration company that helps customers use federal solar tax credits, Arizona solar tax credits and utility solar rebate incentives to install solar electric photovoltaic (PV) power arrays on their rooftops at an installed cost from $4 or less per watt. Solar Topps does not require a 10% to 30% deposit like most solar installation companies.

Many customers do not realize that they can reassign their utility rebate to Solar Topps without any additional costs. Solar Topps has sufficient financial backing that the Company does not need to assign the customer's solar rebate to the solar panel manufacturing company or make the customer wait six month to receive their solar rebate check. Solar Topps carries the cost of the panels until the solar rebate check arrives.

For customers that would like to switch, Solar Topps can have full engineering drawings and a quote complete within 48 hours of receiving copies of the customer's last twelve electricity bills when faxed to (480) 940-1206 or emailed to No strong armed sales tactics are employed. A simple quote and financial spreadsheet is all that it takes for 90% of customer's and/or their accountants/CPAs to sign a contract because the simple mathematics prove that the solar Topps quote is the best deal in Arizona.

Solar Topps strives to have its customers installed within 30 days of receiving their utility solar rebate reservation number and a building permit, etc.

"Unfortunately there are several large solar installation companies in Arizona that begin charging customers a large upfront deposit or monthly payment from the first day after they sign their solar installation contract and then make customers wait several months before commencing with their solar installation. As a result customers are paying, but not receiving the benefits of solar power," said Neal Uppal, President of Solar Topps LLC based in Tempe, Arizona. "What customers do not realize is that the solar reservation is transferrable to any solar installation company without penalty or fees. All the customer has to do is call us we will walk you through the step-by-step process."

"To help make this solar reservation transfer easy for customers, Solar Topps has set up our Solar Rebate Recovery Program. Even if the customer has signed a contract with another solar installation company, they are obligated by the utility company to allow the customer to select a new solar installation company if they are not satisfied with their current company's progress," added Robert Hoskins, Solar Topps' Director of Marketing & Sales. "And at an installed cost of from $4 per watt for commercial customers and $4.30 per watt for residential customers, almost everyone that calls us will save a thousand of dollars or more on their contract and end up with a better return on investment."

About Solar Topps LLC
Solar Topps LLC is a leading residential and commercial solar design and integration company based in Tempe, Ariz. The Company performs solar installations as a licensed contractor in Arizona (AZ ROC #264968 K-11 and # 270389 KB-1), California, Florida and Ontario, Canada. The Company is renowned by the solar industry and city code inspectors for its superior customer service and for installing solar PV arrays that consistently outperform their design specifications at a price point that cannot be matched by the competition. Installing zero loss STC rated solar panels and dual MPPT solar inverters and cross checking every single panel's performance with a digital solar power meter to measure its solar power production, Solar Topps is the only solar integration company in Arizona that guarantees its solar power production output. At an installed price point from $4.00 per watt or lower on large projects, most customers enjoy a 3-5 year payback period. Please visit to learn more about their quality solar power installations and the most affordable commercial solar lease program in Arizona.

Contact Information:

Robert Hoskins
Director of Marketing & Sales
Phone : (480) 940-1201 ext. 105