VIVO Standardizes On Informatica Platform As Backbone For Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence Environment

Global Business Views Power More Effective Marketing, Churn Analysis, and Bad Debt Management

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SAO PAULO, Brazil, May 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- News Facts:

  • Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that VIVO, the largest mobile telecommunications company in the southern hemisphere, is using the Informatica Platform as the data integration backbone of its enterprise-wide business intelligence environment.
  • Touching nearly 40 business areas - from sales and marketing to customer care to fraud analysis - VIVO’s business intelligence solution is enabling the Brazilian-based company to save money and increase revenue substantially. 
  • Formed by the merger and acquisition of multiple telecommunications providers, VIVO previously lacked consolidated business views and had no standard process for leveraging data strategically. VIVO has now created global views of its 60 million customers, billions of call detail records (CDRs), and key performance indicators across all business units to drive strategic decision making.
  • Specifically, Informatica and the business intelligence environment has enabled VIVO to:
    • Increase direct marketing revenues by 30% annually - More tightly targeted marketing campaigns are helping drive revenues and increase customer satisfaction.
    • Reduce bad debt yearly - Better prediction of customer defaults has led to substantially reduced debt write-offs and a 24 percent drop in intentional defaults.
    • Reduce churn - More accurate prediction of customer defections has helped to reduce churn and increase customer replenishment rates.
  • Informatica is also helping drive new efficiencies and cost reductions across the company, including:
    • Faster-to-market, lower- cost marketing campaigns - Campaigns now come to market 75% faster, and enhanced direct marketing processes are saving VIVO US$1.2 million a year in operating costs.
    • Improved capacity planning - Analysis of actual and historic usage patterns are helping VIVO optimize the utilization of network resources, reduce over-capacity, and drive a 20 percent reduction in network operation maintenance costs.
    • Streamlined generation of key reports -Staffing requirements for generating reports have been reduced by 50 percent, while key reports and performance indicators are available much faster for accelerated decision making.
  • The Informatica Platform was selected for its high performance and scalability - it currently integrates up to 2.5 billion registers into VIVO’s Teradata-based enterprise data warehouse daily.
  • VIVO was the winner of the 2010 Informatica Innovation Award in the category "Enabling better decision making by driving business intelligence".

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Supporting Quotes

  • "Where would VIVO be without Informatica? I can say that we wouldn’t have been able to create this powerful business intelligence solution on the scale that we have achieved," said Daniela Calaes, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Systems, VIVO. "The Informatica Platform gave VIVO the means to effectively capture, service and retain more than 60 million customers. It is the data integration engine of our business intelligence platform and is helping to turn VIVO into a data-centric enterprise."
  • "Before deploying its present business intelligence solution, VIVO was a classic case of a fragmented information environment, beset with high volume data integration requirements and lacking a single version of the truth," said Girish Pancha, executive vice president, Data Integration product division, Informatica. "The tangible and substantial business benefits that VIVO is experiencing through its use of the Informatica Platform are a direct result of the platform’s ability to access and integrate a company’s data, and to deliver it at the speed and in the required form, to applications or users. VIVO’s solution is a standard that all telecommunications companies around the world should emulate to satisfy customers and grow their business."

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