Online Ad Response: Bizo Reveals Top Action-Takers Across Industries and Job Functions

Analysis by Business Audience Marketing Leader Underscores Value of Precise Online Targeting

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2011) - Bizo, the leading solution for reaching and engaging business professionals online, today unveiled data that highlights who in the business world is most inclined to take action when presented with an online ad. With access to third-party certified demographic data on more than 85 million business professionals online, Bizo found that those working in the Legal, Retail, and Software industries were most likely to do what an online ad asks them to do, while people working in Operations, Legal, or Sales roles lead the pack from a job function perspective.

Bizo gathers and organizes vast amounts of non-personally identifiable business demographic information (e.g., industry, job function, company size, seniority) which marketers then use to understand the demographic makeup of their web traffic and target their display ads to precise audiences online. The company tracks conversion objectives or "actions" (e.g., white paper downloads, free trial sign-ups, online purchases) across the hundreds of targeted display campaigns it supports so it is able to get a rich, aggregate view of the demographic profile of business professionals that are most inclined to take action against an ad.

Ready for Action: Top 10 Industries and Job Functions
Based on campaigns run over a 12 month period across the 85 million business professionals currently in the Bizo network, Bizo revealed the business audiences that are most likely to take action against a display advertisement as well as their Action Rate Index (ARI) ranking.

Top 10 industry segments included:

1. Legal (ARI: 223 percent)
2. Retail (ARI: 192 percent)
3. Software (ARI: 185 percent)
4. Media Publishing(ARI: 184 percent)
5. Wholesalers(ARI: 157 percent)
6. Telecommunications (ARI: 121 percent)
7. Hospitality/Hotels (ARI: 116 percent)
8. Real Estate(ARI: 108 percent)
9. Business Services (ARI: 108 percent)
10. Consumer Services (ARI: 107 percent)

Top 10 job functions included:

1. Legal (ARI: 257 percent)
2. Operations (ARI: 218 percent)
3. Consultants (ARI: 157 percent)
4. Sales (ARI: 156 percent)
5. Marketing (ARI: 147 percent)
6. Finance (ARI: 146 percent)
7. Government (ARI: 102 percent)
8. Education (ARI: 102 percent)
9. Scientists (ARI: 100 percent)
10. Engineering/Technical (ARI: 97 percent)

The ARI is determined by the rate at which users performed a desired action after receiving a display ad impression. The percentage is calculated by comparing the number of online advertisements shown to a segment of business professionals to the number of times that same set of business professionals took an action against online advertisements. An index was then created, normalizing the data.

"The typical business sales process is long, complex, and involves multiple decision makers, requiring sellers to build trusting relationships with their buyers. This means companies that market to business professionals need to reach, educate, and motivate the right audiences to close the sale," said Chris Mann, director of product management of Bizo. "The data released today highlights the power of data-driven online advertising, giving marketers insight into who is taking action in response to an ad, and enabling them to precisely target decision makers with ads that will impact the purchasing decision."

Third party certified and approved
Bizo is the first and only third-party certified online business audience data provider. Based on a rigorous audit that includes validation of Bizo's systems, procedures, and data collection methods, BPA Worldwide has certified the Bizo platform and the underlying bizographic data that powers it, as a valid and non-personally identifiable source of business audience data.

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About Bizo
Bizo is how marketers reach and engage business professionals, wherever they travel online. Bizo's unique ability to precisely target more than 80% of the US business population gives marketers cost-effective access and insight into business professionals -- the most valuable online audience segment. Hundreds of leading brands including AMEX, Monster, Jaguar, Microsoft, and FedEx count on the precision and deep analytics that the Bizo Audience Marketing Platform provides to reach, educate and motivate business professionals, boosting the effectiveness of every dollar invested across their marketing program mix. Bizo is privately held and based in San Francisco, California. For more information on Bizo, or for a free look at the Bizographic make-up of your website audience, visit

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