CapitalDPO Launches New Financial Direct Public Offering Services to Help Private Companies Go Public

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - Thomas Carter, serial financial market services entrepreneur, has launched an innovative financial and investment services company CapitalDPO, Inc., to support private companies with direct public offering (DPO) services that maximize market potential and valuations. DPO transactions enable private companies to go public utilizing Federal, State and Exchange rules and regulations used for an initial public offering (IPO).

The unique company provides consulting services utilizing leading technologies and proven market approaches that enable private companies to raise critical capital through direct public offerings which do not involve investment banking firms or publicly traded shells.

"The secondary markets are exploding with opportunities to bring innovative technologies, services and products to market and expand yet they are stifled because they need a better, faster and more proficient way to go public," said Thomas Carter, founder and CEO of Capital DPO, Inc. "Our company uses proprietary software and proven methodologies that help small businesses and entrepreneurs get the vital capital they need to generate revenues, grow market share and create jobs!"

Market trends show that as jobs decrease in Fortune 500 firms, the small-to-mid size companies are fundamental to US economic growth and sustainability.

"The success of companies that have traded on secondary markets along with the explosive IPO of LinkedIn, increase the demand for our services which connect qualified business owners with the means to utilize direct public offerings that increase valuation and access capital," said Carter.

CapitalDPO Inc. is a service organization and they do not provide legal, auditing, broker/dealer or licensed representative services. The company is strictly a business consulting services firm that utilizes decades of recognized expertise and connections that help private companies efficiently navigate how to go public.

About CapitalDPO, Inc.
CapitalDPO, Inc. is a financial services company that utilizes specialized software, consulting services and design approaches which supports private companies through the process of going public by direct public offering (DPO). CapitalDPO was founded by CEOs and business leaders with decades of experience in finance, operations, sales, marketing, and design, multimedia and business development. Based in Carlsbad, California, the company serves all industries and markets.

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