MDL Technology, LLC Reviews Google's Ultra-High Speed Internet Expansion Into Kansas City, Mo. & Its Impact on Cloud Computing Services

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - Jun 2, 2011) - Google recently announced that it will expand its ultra-high speed Internet to Kansas City, Mo. The news hit last week shortly after Google said it would provide high-speed Internet in Kansas City, Kan. Google's network, on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of the state line, will put the region's businesses and MDL Technology, LLC's cloud computing customers on a new super highway for bandwidth.

According to MDL Technology, LLC, the network will bring upload and download speeds of one Gbps and be more than 100 times faster than standard broadband. One of the potential reasons for this move is the connectivity possibilities at 1102 GRAND, Kansas City's data center, a carrier neutral colocation facility and home to MDL Technology, LLC. 1102 GRAND would allow Google to connect with more than 22 other providers in the area and the rest of the world.

T.J. Bloom, COO of MDL Technology, said, "Adding a provider like Google to 1102 GRAND could provide huge gains for MDL Technology, LLC and its cloud customers. MDL Technology, LLC chose to locate in the 1102 GRAND building because it is one of the most cost-effective and stable data centers in the region, which allows us to pass benefits to our customers. The connectivity at 1102 GRAND gives us a true advantage over a traditional data center in that we are not limited to just one provider. We have access to more than 22 providers which makes the pricing competitive and allows for a lot more options for redundancy than a traditional data center."

Google's gigabit network will allow companies to store their equipment further away from their actual facility than ever before. The wide area network will also allow companies to take advantage of cloud computing or to store their technology in a data center environment where they might have had to maintain their own costly data center.

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