Wellness International Network's Winrgy(R) & BioLean(R) Featured in Women in Film Swag Bag

PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - Jun 16, 2011) - Wellness International Network's best-selling products, BioLean® and Winrgy®, popular for years among Olympic and professional athletes around the world, are about to be a sensation in Hollywood as leading celebrities receive these energizing nutritional products in the Women in Film's 2011 Crystal + Lucy Awards show swag bag.

Nearly 1,000 of the best in the entertainment industry, including Katie Holmes and Annette Bening, will receive Wellness International Network's elite nutritional supplements after walking the red carpet on June 16th. It's the perfect time for celebrities to experience the energizing and slimming effects of Winrgy® and BioLean®.

Winrgy® is an invigorating, citrus-flavored energy and mental performance drink-mix (also available as a shooter) loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help you stay energized and focused -- so you can work, play and perform at your best. BioLean® is a dietary supplement for weight loss, appetite suppression and increased energy. Combining Winrgy® and BioLean® makes a great addition to your current regimen to keep you looking and feeling your best!

Made with good-for-you vitamins and minerals, who doesn't want to enjoy summer with optimal energy plus a slimmer and trimmer body? Lavish yourself with the same sugar-free energy and appetite control of the stars with the hottest energizing products of the summer -- Winrgy® and BioLean® -- available at winltd.com.

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About Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN)
A privately held company specializing in health and nutritional products, Wellness International Network, Ltd. is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with affiliates located in Hoofddorp, Holland; Johannesburg, South Africa; Nuevo León, México; Sydney, Australia and Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1992 by Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy, WIN operates in many countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Eurasia, and is far and away the forefront leader in global network marketing. Management Team 500 Magazine has selected Wellness International Network as a Top 500 company for three years. WIN's complete nutritional line was listed in 12 editions of the Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR®) for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements. Serious athletes are delighted to learn that WIN Worldwide BV participates in the Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Top Elite Sports [NZVT] system; for additional information click here. In the Netherlands, WIN's products are listed in the Z-Index, a database of products associated with the public pharmacy, used by doctors, pharmacists, businesses and government. Learn more about why "It Pays to Live Well" at winltd.com.

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Wellness International Network's Winrgy & BioLean go Hollywood as part of the Women in Film's 2011 Crystal + Lucy Awards show swag bag.