2011 Holiday Gift Guide Editorial Calendars and Media Research Available Now From Cision

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, June 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cision, the leading provider of PR software, services and tools for the marketing and public relations industry, today announced the availability of comprehensive 2011 Holiday Gift Guide media contact and editorial calendar information for users of its award-winning CisionPoint PR and marketing software and the Cision Media Database.

Cision offers its subscribers detailed information on tens of thousands of editorial opportunities, including complete outlet information, media and influencer profiles, deadlines, pitching advice, and gift-guide formats.

In addition, Cision announced free, downloadable "briefing books" – available to all – that list 150 top Holiday Gift Guide editorial calendar opportunities, as well as detailed profiles on 50 top influencers and media contacts who supervise holiday gift-giving coverage for both general interest and niche outlets in North America.

"Christmas, Hanukkah and the end-of-year gift-giving season may be months away, but the process of researching and planning is already in motion – for many outlets and all PR pros and marketers – on the first of July," said Heidi Sullivan, Vice President, Media Research, of Cision North America.  "Summer is the ideal season for marketers to know where the coverage opportunities lie, build their media outreach plans, and connect with media and influencers in the most mutually productive ways possible. Superior preparation, based on research, is a must."

Influencers quoted in Cision's detailed profiles echoed Sullivan's comments. 

"Know what we cover," said one editor, who stressed the importance of building relationships. "I get to know all the product managers or PR people in my space and they know, in return, what I am interested in." 

An editor of a consumer tech gift guide asked that communicators understand the importance of product reviews and the need to minimize time-wasting: "Be prepared to submit products for evaluation, but don't assume we will cover all the products we evaluate. And too many times PR people don't read our 'call for products' memo; then, I have to answer unnecessary questions over the phone."

The briefing books include 50 influencer and contact profiles from the United States and Canada, including such outlets as Parade, Women's Day, TV Guide Magazine, Fashion and ELLE Canada. Its 150 editorial calendar opportunities include large-circulation outlets such as Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Ebony, La Presse and The Toronto Star. Click here to download Cision's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Briefing Books.

In addition to the briefing books, Cision's free EdCals online tool has 350,000 searchable editorial opportunities, including those with gift-giving themes, and Cision will provide updates in its free online newsletter, Cision Navigator, including a list of the top 20 outlets by circulation that offer Holiday Gift Guide-related editorial opportunities.

About Cision

Cision is the leading provider of software, services, and tools to the public relations and marketing industry. Marketing and PR professionals use our products to help manage all aspects of their brands – from identifying key media and influencers to connecting with audiences; monitoring traditional and social media; and analyzing outcomes. Journalists, bloggers, and other influencers use Cision's tools to research story ideas, track trends, and maintain their public profiles. Cision is present in Europe, North America and Asia, with partners in over 125 countries and is quoted on the Nordic Exchange with revenue of SEK 1.1 billion in 2010. For more information, visit www.cision.com.

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