The Home of the Innocents Deploys Bernoulli(R) Patient Safety Surveillance With Location Tracking for Active, Medically Fragile Children

Milford, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

MILFORD, Conn., June 30, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Home of the Innocents in Louisville, Kentucky, and Cardiopulmonary Corp. (CPC), jointly announced today the implementation of Bernoulli® Enterprise software for patient safety surveillance of mobile children with special needs admitted to the new Rainforest Trail wing. The surveillance includes the association of clinical information with the location of the patient anywhere within the facility. Bernoulli provides continuous monitoring of vital patient information from medical devices and integrates with real time location tracking systems (RTLS) for improved alarm notification and response, resulting in a safer environment for medically fragile children.

The wing maintains a hospital-like and home away from home environment for children who are dependent on technology to sustain life. In an effort to provide normal activities for the mostly ventilator dependent children, they are taken from the unit in wheelchairs to other campus locations for therapy, meals, activities like swimming or art, and school. In the event of a medical crisis, the responsible clinician needs to know what is wrong, and where to go. Bernoulli software delivers alarm and location information in real-time to the clinician's wireless communication device, to facilitate rapid corrective response.

 "When the new state of the art wing was being planned, creating a safer environment dominated discussions. Even with serious medical issues, the children can still be very active. Accidental disconnection of a patient from a ventilator, left unattended, will compromise respiratory function. We desired a wireless system that could communicate comprehensive alarm and patient information, including their location," said Respiratory Therapy Manager Milton Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt went on to say, "Traditional transport monitoring solutions had significant shortcomings, and are not able to monitor ventilators. We chose the Bernoulli solution because it incorporated location tracking with surveillance monitoring.  This means earlier intervention and improved outcomes as help arrives at the patient's side prepared for the situation."

Stated Kevin Flynn, EVP of Sales & Marketing at CPC, "Cardiopulmonary Corp. was pleased to be selected by The Home of Innocents to advance the standard of care for their patients. Bernoulli met the workflow demands of The Home of the Innocents, where a patient who had been transferred to a wheelchair may be as far away as 1/5 of a mile. Even though the patient is with other caregivers, the assigned clinician is notified of alarm conditions and the patient's location."  Mr. Flynn continued, "With the Bernoulli system, monitoring is uninterrupted, resulting in appropriate timely care, and improved patient safety for at risk children."

Bernoulli, a broad clinical surveillance platform, also offers continuous waveform capture, alarm management schemes, and two-way voice/video communication, for enhanced patient care and workload efficiencies. Patient data accuracy is ensured with direct delivery of patient information to the EMR. Bernoulli has FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device.

About The Home of the Innocents

The Home of the Innocents is a private, non-profit agency in Louisville, Kentucky, that has been in operation for 131 years. The Home provides services to assist those who are facing severe crisis, including services and support for abused or neglected children, children with autism, and medically fragile children.

About Cardiopulmonary Corp.

Cardiopulmonary Corp. develops, implements, and supports best in class medical software to extract real-time critical data from physiological monitors and life support devices at the point of care to bring preventable patient morbidity and mortality to zero. CPC's flagship solution, Bernoulli Enterprise, provides an open platform for real-time physiological and medical device data surveillance and secondary alarming for a full spectrum of medical device types.  Bernoulli is a unique, comprehensive, safety-net for all monitored patients where real-time pre-emptive patient care is required.  More information can be found at

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