Aberdeen Publishes Sales Intelligence, Forecasting, Integrated Communications, Energy, BI Research

Sales Effectiveness, Collaboration and Integrated Communications, Manufacturing, and Business Intelligence Practices Publish Research

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 12, 2011) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Sales Effectiveness, Collaboration and Integrated Communications, Manufacturing, and Business Intelligence research practices.

"Chance Favors the Prepared Mind - Understanding the Science of Sales Intelligence" by Peter Ostrow, Research Director, Sales Effectiveness practice at the Aberdeen Group, details how leading organizations determine the best sales opportunities within a rising tide of unfiltered intelligence, and drive 28.4% year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, compared to 0.5% decrease for all others. By deploying the proven sales intelligence capabilities and enablers associated with optimal revenue growth, quota attainment and customer retention, companies can envision themselves achieving the same Best-in-Class results, through such a holistic approach to managing key prospect and customer data. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, made available with the support of Dow Jones and Lattice Engines visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7009&camp=2.

Also authored by Peter Ostrow, the "Sales Forecasting: How Top Performers Leverage the Past, Visualize the Present, and Improve Their Future Revenue" research study details how leading organizations have been able to provide more accurate sales forecasts of top-line revenue and drive a year-over-year increase of 13.8% in company profit margin, compared to 2.5% for all others. A focus on key metrics influencing forecasting accuracy tackles the main pressure driving organizations in this study; insufficient knowledge of prospects/customers already in sales funnel, to determine likelihood to close the deal. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report made available part by Birst, Visual Insight, Sage and Cloud9 Analytics visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7026&camp=2.

"Conquering the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt of Managing Integrated Communications", written by Hyoun Park, Research Analyst for Aberdeen's Collaboration and Integrated Communications practice, demonstrates the key strategies and tactics associated with effectively managing an increasingly complex landscape of enterprise communications. The report also outlines how Best-in-Class companies created an environment that provided greater flexibility, improved configuration and deployment capabilities, infrastructure support, and secure compliance. As a result, these companies reduced communications maintenance costs by over 45% and expanded compliant usage of collaboration and social media tools throughout their organization.
To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made available in part by Actiance, Icewarp, and Polycom, please visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7024&camp=2.

"Energy Intelligence: Driving Optimization with Visibility," authored by Nuris Ismail, Senior Research Associate, and Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen's Manufacturing research practice, highlights advancements made by top-performing organizations in managing energy across enterprise. With increasing energy prices, manufacturing executives can't ignore the impact of energy costs on the bottom line. Now more than ever it is necessary to understand a plant's energy needs and eliminate wasteful energy consumption. Indeed, sustainability has evolved from a social expectation to an economic imperative. This study identifies the strategies, business processes and technology enablers that are essential to supporting an enterprise energy intelligence initiative. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report made available in part by SAP and Hara, please visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7027&camp=2.

"The Analytical Masses: Building Self-Service Insight for Line-of-Business Decisions" prepared by Michael Lock, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen's Business Intelligence (BI) practice, demonstrates how BI and analytical tools have become more relevant to, and used by, a diverse group of non-technical business users. With the ability to gather relevant business data, apply functional specific knowledge to that data, and deliver timely business insights based on its analysis, the business analytics philosophy is now a priority for many organizations. This report focuses on the connection between a burgeoning analytical mindset and the line-of-business activity required to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace, presenting a demonstrable connection between analytical adoption, pervasiveness, and engagement from line-of-business decision makers, and elevated business performance. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made available in part by Birst and Dimensional Insight visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7137&camp=2.

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