Atossa Genetics Acquires Rights to Patents Covering a Novel Screening Test for Breast Cancer From the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jul 13, 2011) - Atossa Genetics, Inc., a privately-held health care company focused on the development and marketing of novel cellular and molecular diagnostic risk assessment products and services for breast cancer, announced today that it has acquired all of the ownership rights to U.S. patent 7,879,614, issued February 1, 2011, and pending U.S. application 11/958,597, filed January 31, 2011, from the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.

The patents cover the manufacture, use, and sale of a biomarker test that will examine carbohydrates contained in nipple aspirate fluid using a sensitive detection reagent, such as a Schiff's reagent. In a pilot study of the biomarker, a clinical trial was conducted of nipple aspirate fluid from 28 women age 30 to 52 years at the Breast Care Clinic at the University of California at San Francisco. The test was positive in all 12 women who had known cancer and was negative in 12 of 16 women without cancer.

Atossa paid an up-front fee and is obliged to pay patent-based royalties on aggregate net sales in the countries with issued patents.

Steven C. Quay, M.D., Ph.D., FCAP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Atossa Genetics, Inc., stated, "It is known that some breast cancers contain alterations in the synthesis of cell surface and secreted glycoproteins and this test is designed to provide a sensitive signal of their presence in nipple aspirate fluid. We intend to continue the clinical research needed to determine if these early results are valid and whether the biomarker can form the basis for a useful clinical screening test."

"Our mission at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education, and advocacy," stated Dr. Susan Love. "We are pleased that Atossa Genetics has acquired this biomarker intellectual property and will be continuing the research needed to determine its clinical utility."

About the Mammary Aspirate Specimen Cytology Test System

The MASCT System, a "Pap test for breast cancer," is designed to collect nipple aspirate fluid (NAF), which contains cells from the lining of the milk ducts and the lobules where approximately 85% of all breast cancers originate. Once collected, the NAF sample will undergo analysis in Atossa's specially equipped pathology lab to determine whether the cells are normal, atypical (premalignant), or malignant. The MASCT System uses no radiation, is simple, painless, and inexpensive, and takes less than 5 minutes in a doctor's office or mammography center. The MASCT System is intended as an adjunct to mammography for women ages 40 to 75 and for younger women at high risk for breast cancer.

About Atossa Genetics, Inc.

Atossa Genetics, Inc. is a privately-held health care company dedicated to improving breast health by commercializing the Mammary Aspirate Specimen Cytology Test System (MASCT System) and second-generation products in development. Patients, health care providers, investors and others seeking information on the MASCT System or the latest information and research on breast cancer risk assessment, diagnostics, prevention, and treatment options, should visit

About Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

The mission of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovate research, education and advocacy. In 2008, the Foundation launched the Love/Avon Army of Women initiative with the goal of recruiting one million women, with or without breast cancer, to sign up and take part in breast cancer research studies looking into cause and prevention of the disease. Over 350,000 women have signed up to date. For more information, visit or

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