New HIV Research Findings to Be Presented at NAPWA "Treatment Horizons: Pathways to a Functional Cure" Satellite Symposium, International AIDS Society, Rome

SILVER SPRING, MD and ROME--(Marketwire - Jul 15, 2011) - HIV researchers working towards developing potential functional cures from three continents will present new data that collectively light a pathway toward finding a functional cure for HIV/AIDS. Nature Magazine, writing about NAPWA's Treatment Horizons satellite symposium last year, referred to it as the "quiet buzz of the international conference."

The satellite symposium is presented by the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA), the largest and oldest advocacy group for people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States.

The symposium, titled "Treatment Horizons: Pathways to a Functional Cure" will be held at the 6th International AIDS Society HIV Conference on Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, on Tuesday, July 19, 7:00am to 8:30am, in room MR3, and will be chaired by NAPWA President and CEO Frank Oldham, Jr.

"Resistance to current treatments is reaching critical mass," said Frank Oldham, Jr., President and CEO of NAPWA. "People living with HIV/AIDS desperately need a new generation of treatments before resistance makes the current class of anti-retroviral drugs obsolete."

Presentations include ground breaking research on T-cell based vaccines, therapeutic vaccines and other immune based therapies, as well as next generation antiretrovirals studied for their ability to meet the growing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS who have become resistant to approved HAART regimens and reducing inflammation.

Presentations include:

"An HIV-based lentiviral vector vaccine achieves functional cure post-challenge in a subset of vaccinated macaques," Lawrence Michaelis, MD, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at VIRxSYS.

"Vacc4x: a therapeutic HIV-1 vaccine based on modified peptides," Maja A. Sommerfelt, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Bionor Pharma ASA.

"The therapeutic effect of the FIT-06, GTU®-Multi-HIVB DNA vaccine, observed in the HIV-1 infected people -- results of a Phase II trial," Prof. Mart Ustav, SVP, Chief Scientific Officer, FIT Biotech Ltd.

"Combination therapy for treating HIV latency," Trevor P. Castor, PhD, President and CEO, Aphios Corporation.

"Cenicriviroc: A potent dual chemokine receptor antagonist (CCR5/CCR2) in phase 2b development with potential to Transform HIV Treatment M. Palleja, MD, Senior VP, Head of Clinical Development, Tobira Therapeutics.

"ATC: Phase 3 data from the AVX-301 study," Susan Cox, PhD, Head of Development, Avexa.

"Bio-K+® to improve health of people living with HIV/AIDS - A safe and effective solution," Mathieu Millette, PhD, Director of Fundamental Research, Bio-K Plus.

Additional program partners include MusclePharm, ImQuest, and Health People.

Founded in 1983 as the largest and oldest advocacy group for people living with HIV/AIDS, NAPWA is the trusted independent voice for all people living with the virus in the United States. NAPWA remains a strong voice in policy, capacity building, leadership development, and social networking. NAPWA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland. For more information about NAPWA, please visit

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