Now That Ice Cream's Had Its Day, TCBY Serves Up Its Super Fro-Yo and Some Cold Hard Facts for Moms

Brand Encourages Consumers to Take a Vacation From Ice Cream and Learn the Healthy Truth

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2011) - On Sunday, consumers across the country celebrated National Ice Cream Day, a holiday implemented by President Reagan in 1984. Back then, frozen yogurt was just gaining in popularity and the majority of consumers were still uneducated on the healthy truths of choosing fro-yo versus ice cream. Fast forward to 2011 where the state of America's health is top of mind and while ice cream consumption may be down according to the US Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, it's still considered an American past time.

Even TCBY appreciates America's traditions so it held the re-release of its Cold Hard Facts until the day after National Ice Cream Day to encourage moms to enjoy the rest of the summer with TCBY's recently launched Super Fro-Yo, loaded with Dietary Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Live Active Cultures and Protein.

"It's no secret that America has a long standing love affair with ice cream, and we at TCBY believe that many just don't understand the missed health benefits when they choose ice cream instead of frozen yogurt," says Timothy Casey, CEO of TCBY. "We believe the longevity of fro-yo is rooted in the legitimacy of its health position, and at TCBY we believe our benefits are significant and distinct in the category with emphasis on Calcium, Vitamin D, Dietary Fiber, Protein, Live Active Cultures and Probiotics."

The healthy benefits of frozen yogurt are well documented. It's an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and tooth structure. TCBY's Super Fro-Yo has as much fiber as an apple or half cup of broccoli, which helps one to feel full and satisfied longer as well as assisting the body with proper digestion of certain nutrients. Protein in yogurt has multiple functions in the body, and can help with hair health, digestion and proper muscle movement, not to mention be a huge contributor to appetite satiety. And of growing interest among medical researchers are the benefits of Probiotics. TCBY's frozen yogurt is full of Probiotics, live microorganisms that offer a multitude of health benefits to the body, including proper immune function. Earlier this month, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center published in the journal, BioEssays, that Probiotics boost not only digestive health, but brain health.

In order to fully articulate frozen yogurt's health advantage, TCBY has created a soft serving of Cold Hard Facts... a nutritional comparison of its frozen yogurt versus ice cream. Not only does frozen yogurt have significantly less calories, fat and sugar, but it also has more daily needed nutrients like Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin A and D. Historically, ice cream has been completely void of Probiotics and live active cultures.

TCBY Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
Dietary fiber
Daily Calcium
Daily Vitamin D
Daily Vitamin A
Active Cultures
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
3-6 grams
4 grams
7 types
20-30 billion
0-2 grams
0-1 gram
0 grams
6-21 grams
0 grams
3-5 grams
7-18 grams
4-11 grams
0-0.5 grams
15-26 grams

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