Spinnaker App Launched at ALEC, NCSL

New App Aggregates Key Information for Government Affairs Pros

LAKE MARY, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 3, 2011) - Spinnaker (www.spinnakerapp.com), a new, comprehensive software application for government affairs professionals, will debut at the industry's ALEC and NCSL events in early August.

The Spinnaker app was created by the Jasos® Group (www.jasos.com), a clinically focused healthcare consulting firm that works with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to provide back-office and front-line support to increase State, Federal and commercial product access and reimbursement.

Jasos undertook the development of the Spinnaker app after recognizing the time and resource constraints that were hampering their clients and colleagues in the government affairs arena. The app addresses the greatest challenges facing government affairs professionals, including:

  • Tracking bills, regulations and hearings
  • Maintaining legislators' profiles and positions
  • Identifying lobbyists, contributors and advocacy groups to collaborate on key issues

"As a government affairs executive for almost 20 years, I found that keeping up with multiple issues in multiple states was quite difficult," said William (Bill) Kitchen, Jasos Partner and VP of Business Development. "With Spinnaker, you can remain current on the critical issues and activities that matter most, freeing you to concentrate on strategy, collaboration and issues management.

"Best of all, because Spinnaker was created to work on a tablet, you have all the information you need at your fingertips, regardless of where you are," Kitchen continued. "That includes all of the issues you are tracking, a calendar that aggregates key dates for the states you identify, contact information for potential allies and even the full text of bills."

Spinnaker's functions are organized into four main categories: track, organize, engage and manage. The tracking module not only provides at-a-glance access to key metrics on legislative issues, regulations and rumors, it also includes a consolidated calendar for key hearings and deadlines.

Within the organize function, users will find full information, including pictures, of the 7,400 state legislators as well as their committees. It also provides information on advocacy groups and registered state lobbyists. The aptly described engage module provides tools to create plans with key collaborators to address critical issues. The management function helps you keep up with your meetings, activities and expenses, and maintains a record to assist with your ethics reporting.

Currently Spinnaker is only available for the healthcare field, but future development will focus on other industries.

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