City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F) Releases Its New Windmill Video

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2011) - City Windmills, Ltd. (FRANKFURT: CYW), an innovative company focused on the generation of clean energy through small wind turbines combined with advertising capabilities, is pleased to announce the release of a video highlighting its new windmill. The company thereby announces to its shareholders its commitment to shareholder value and to the fulfillment of its sales orders.

The video is available at:

From the windmill overview video: "With the growing demand for energy and in particular the huge demand for green electrical energy, we have developed a new category of windmills, well suited for buildings, attaching to their rooftops and advertising their brands and products", said CEO Peter Kazimirski.

With the growing market size of windmills and especially windmills for local energy micro-production, the market for these types of windmills is estimated to be increasing at a rate of 50% annually, or 10 times the growth rate of the overall energy spending in North America and the UK. The video goes on to demonstrate the wind capture capability of the windmill, but also the advertising capability of its flat panels, a feature appreciated by corporate customers.

The video is the first of a series of informative videos to be released that will discuss City Windmills and its perspectives, its growth plans as well as its ongoing mandate to add significant and consistent shareholder value.

City Windmills, Ltd. is a windmill company seeking to radically transform the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption around the globe, by integrating the three notions of powerful energy production from wind, proximity to the end user and advertisement of brands and products.

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Contact Information:

Peter Kazimirski
+41 79 663 5234

Sean Kelly
+41 79 203 7124