VIRxSYS Issued Third U.S. Patent This Year for Its Spliceosome-Mediated RNA Trans-Splicing (SMaRT(TM)) Program; Breakthrough RNA Therapeutic Platform

GAITHERSBURG, MD--(Marketwire - Sep 22, 2011) - VIRxSYS Corporation, a Maryland-based biotechnology company, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a third patent to VIRxSYS in the past six months for the Company's proprietary RNA therapeutic platform also known as SMaRT™. The patents cover the use of methods to produce recombinant proteins through RNA trans-splicing, the in vivo production of monoclonal antibodies, and methods to increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

The SMaRT platform is a next generation RNA therapeutic technology capable of repairing and re-programming genes at the RNA level. Unlike other RNA technologies that seek only to develop "gene silencers" capable of blocking unwanted genetic code, SMaRT seeks to repair defective genes and reprogram other genes, thus producing proteins of therapeutic interest. SMaRT is able to effectively remove unwanted genetic code and insert or, "splice-in" completely new genetic information.

The newly issued patents broaden the application of SMaRT from gene repair to gene re-programming, allowing the up-regulation of genes to increase the amount of protein that any single gene can produce. In addition, VIRxSYS researchers believe SMaRT will be able to correct splicing defects.

VIRxSYS SMaRT-based portfolio of intellectual property currently holds 34 patents in addition to a number of patent applications in the U.S. and worldwide.

"This further strengthens our position in RNA therapeutics," said Lawrence Michaelis, MD, VIRxSYS Board Chairman and CEO. "These patents are in areas of incredibly high commercial value. Our RNA therapeutics program has the potential to revolutionize many areas of medicine."

The first of three patents, U.S. Patent 7,871,795 covers the production of recombinant proteins by targeting trans-splicing into highly abundant gene transcripts used to produce a variety of favorable therapeutic products. The second patent, U.S. Patent 7,879,321 covers the in vivo production of monoclonal antibodies through RNA trans-splicing. The third patent, U.S. Patent 7,968, 334 covers the process of up-regulating apoA-1 protein, the major component of HDL. This process could help to supplement existing apoA-1 in liver cells, the normal site of apoA-1 production.

VIRxSYS is currently working on pre-clinical studies towards a clinical trial for a product based on the SMaRT technology to increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

VIRxSYS Corporation is a biotechnology company with platform technologies focused on the development of novel therapies for serious human diseases. The Company's proprietary platforms include: (i) lentiviral vectors as vaccines and curative gene delivery vehicles to the core of human cells, and (ii) RNA trans-splicing for the repair and reprogramming of genes. More information can be found at

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