New 6-Day Intensive Marriage Counseling From the National Institute of Marriage

BRANSON, MO--(Marketwire - Sep 29, 2011) - The National Institute of Marriage, Branson, Missouri, announces the addition of an exclusive 6-day marriage renewal experience to its proven curriculum of marriage counseling services. For couples looking for one last hope for their marriage, this six-day experience gives them the maximum opportunity to turn their lives around.

Established in 2003, the National Institute of Marriage ( has served over 3,000 couples. Research shows that two years after couples in crisis marriages participate in a National Institute of Marriage save the marriage program, 84.6 percent of them are still together.

The National Institute of Marriage offers premier and private counseling experiences for discriminating couples seeking help with their marital challenges. With a variety of marriage counseling options and program prices, the National Institute of Marriage helps couples who want to improve their marriage; couples with moderate challenges and those who have a desperate need for intervention. The Institute's new 6-Day Premier Intensive Marriage Counseling Experience provides the best opportunity for couples to address their unique needs. As Institute alumni Jeff Flournoy explains, "How can you not invest six days when you realize you could be changing the rest of your life?"

In 2010, the National Marriage Institute acquired sole ownership of the Sunset Inn in Branson, Missouri. The privacy and beauty of the Sunset Inn, nestled on a cliff overlooking Lake Taneycomo in the Ozarks, provides an ideal retreat setting for programs that save marriages and inspire couples to greatness.

"Quality programming offered in the right environment is one of the most powerful ways for couples to establish new levels of intimacy and connection," says National Institute of Marriage Co-President Mark Pyatt.

The tranquil lodging experience takes couples away from the challenges of their daily routines and makes it easier for them to focus on themselves and their marriage.

About the National Institute of Marriage:
In 2003, Greg Smalley, Bob Paul and Mark Pyatt launched the National Institute of Marriage as a new, marriage intensive, counseling direction developed from the original program at the Gary Smalley Relationship Center. National Institute of Marriage programs provide experienced and highly trained counselors and therapists that help couples who have lost hope identify and move past the barriers that previously kept them from experiencing individual and relational healing. The National Institute of Marriage is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Branson, Missouri.

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National Institute of Marriage at Sunset Inn Branson