Builds Secure Member-Based Community

Website Re-Launched After Beta Version

DEARBORN, MI--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2011) - Following a year of beta testing, the Michigan-based website,, has been re-launched to provide a secure member-based online community. The website is designed to help individuals and businesses buy and sell almost anything, locally to nationwide.

"We believe that we are the first member-based community to securely connect buyers and sellers," said Peder Blohm, founder of "We have implemented measures to ensure that people are who they say they are. We don't want our members to experience the issues and complaints of Craigslist users."

According to Blohm, when the beta site was launched, it was planned that advertisers would be charged on a per ad basis. However, following comments and recommendations from website advertisers and visitors, it was determined that offering a secure member-based online community is more appealing to people and businesses that buy and sell online.

Unlike eBay and other classifieds which charge advertisers for each transaction and a percentage of the sales price, doesn't get involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. Rather, individuals and businesses can sign up as members to advertise products, services and jobs. There are no personal ads.

The cost of membership on is based on the number of ad listings. Individual membership ranges from $5.95 per month for up to 15 ad listings, to $9.95 per month for up to 40 ad listings. There is no cost of membership for buyers.

Business memberships on also differ from other sites. Member businesses can include their entire inventory in one location under "Shops" or "Services." Individual items are also listed in the "Classifieds" section. A member business that has an online shop can link visitors directly from to its own shopping cart.

One of the first major Detroit area businesses to sign up for membership on is LaFontaine Import Center.

"For a business or dealership like LaFontaine with a large inventory, the cost of membership is just a few cents per vehicle," said Blohm. Business memberships range from $19.95 to a maximum of $59.95 per month, which includes up to one thousand ad listings.

Blohm acknowledges that most of the content currently on the site is from southeast Michigan, while the company works to grow locally and regionally before expanding nationwide.

To grow membership and increase ad listings on the website during its re-launch, free three-month trial memberships are currently available for individuals and businesses.

"This site was designed and developed by a dedicated team of professionals and entrepreneurs in Michigan," added Blohm. "Why not start by inviting others to showcase the outstanding products and services available here?"

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