TV Ad connects a Smartphone to a website

This new TV Ad instantly connects a viewers Smartphone to a website. At the end of the ad viewers are encouraged to "Pause it, Scan it and Get it(TM)" - and it is working - sales are up 400%.

Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New TV Ad instantly connects a viewers Smartphone to a website with a QR code and the call to action viewers are encouraged to "Pause it, Scan it and Get it(TM)" - and it is working - sales are up 400%. (See TV Ad on YouTube)

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are the square pixel bar codes that are becoming a familiar element in today's media landscape. With Smartphone users set to reach over 50% of all cell phone users in the US by end of 2011 (Nielsonwire) this technology is poised to change the way we interact with our environment, stores and now with our TVs. Watch TV Ad interacting with QR code

A high tech TV Ad on a shoe string budget
The innovative Mighty Wallet® TV Ad was created with a simple $200 point and shoot camera. The QR code technology was from a free service and the entire ad was edited on a MacBook Pro laptop using iMovie and narrated by the designer, Terrence Kelleman, himself using his iPhone for a total budget of less than $1500. Terrence is the President and CEO of Dynomighty and has been featured in several articles for his creative use of YouTube as a low cost marketing strategy. Innovation has always been the defining characteristic of the most successful businesses and Dynomighty is integrating an evolving technology in a way that has proven very successful for this small business.  

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Affordable TV Advertising
The high costs of traditional TV advertising is prohibitive for most small businesses but this was greatly reduced for Dynomighty by using the innovative Google TV Ad platform that uses an auction based system to sell extra TV Ad inventory on networks such as The Dish Network, DirecTV and Verizon Fios. The total reach by end of Summer 2011 will cover approximately 30% of all viewers in the US. How affordable is Google TV Advertising? The average cost of one 30 sec Mighty Wallet® TV ad on The Daily Show cost Dynomighty $175 and reached approximately 360K viewers.

"Expanding on our YouTube video marketing to TV advertising was a logical evolution for Dynomighty but it was only possible on our budget by using Google TV Ads." - Terrence Kelleman

Precise Targeting
The Google TV Ad platform allows advertisers to target specific shows, channels and even air times. With this targeting capacity The Mighty Wallet® TV Ad was actually customized for specific channels by showing different styles of Mighty Wallets® in the roll up to the call-to-action that were targeted to the specific demographics of that particular show or channel. These targeted ads reached millions of viewers over the past 6 months making the entire campaign very effective.

"By combining (an) effective creative with Google TV Ads’ unique targeting and measurement capabilities, we’ve found a winning combination." - Terrence Kelleman

Real time results
The QR codes that were used were also track-able in real time which was a huge advantage in being able to instantly measure the effectiveness of the ad the moment it aired. This was implemented using a free service ( that allowed us to also see what types of mobile devices our visitors were using. This combined with the statistical data that Google TV Ads generates for each spot showed us exactly how many viewers had their TVs on and how long they watched the ad. This gave Dynomighty a statistical advantage that you can't get with traditional TV Advertising.

The Mighty Wallet® TV Ad was so successful that Dynomighty has now become a case study of the Google TV Ad network. The nationwide campaign broadened the brand awareness of the Mighty Wallet® and had an immediate effect on sales. Consumers and store buyers alike were ordering the Mighty Wallet® in numbers never before seen with 63% of the respondents mentioning the TV Ad.

"This year Dynomighty is the 758# fastest growing privately held company accoring to Inc. Magazine. A large part of our 416% growth over two years is due to the success of our TV Ad." - Terrence Kelleman

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