Stampede Puts Business Owners in Charge of Daily Deals

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Oct 13, 2011) - Everyone is buzzing about daily deals, but there's been little chatter about how deep discounts are affecting the backbone of the industry: local merchants.

Stampede, a daily deal liaison agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado is the first company solely dedicated to helping merchants. In four months, Stampede has gone from four to 80 regional & national clients in 12 states

Stampede's Founder and President is Chad Nell, a former top sales representative who launched the Denver market for LivingSocial as well as the Denver and New Orleans markets for Travelzoo Local Deals.

"When I was with LivingSocial, the only other option was Groupon. Merchants could easily compare who was the best partner," said Nell. "Now small businesses are getting calls from countless daily deal services."

Nell also saw consumers and daily deal companies hitting the jackpot while local business owners were getting taken to the bank.

"A lot of small businesses got in over their heads," Nell says. "One of the most well-known examples is a 30-year old Austin spa going out of business after a daily deal went bad. I've seen instances like that happen too many times."

When Nell stopped working for the big daily deal companies, former clients kept calling.

"I realized that no one was looking out for the business owner's best interest," Nell said. "Stampede was born from my desire to help merchants."

Stampede services are beneficial not only to merchants but to the daily deal companies as well.

"We make this process a win-win for the daily deal sites and the merchants," Nell said. "I know what daily deal companies are looking for from the merchants. Stampede also makes sure everything is buttoned up on the merchant side. It's a win-win."

"For businesses on the fence, Stampede gives them that extra guidance to feel comfortable signing the daily deal contracts," said Nell.

"We want to educate the businesses on what makes a good deal for them as well as give them the tools to help capitalize on how to keep those customers coming back," Nell said.

In addition to their current sales force, Jeremy Ostermiller, owner of Altitude Digital Partners is a major investor in Stampede. Altitude Digital Partners is a full-service online ad rep firm.

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