Veterinarian Offers Tips to Avoid Economic Euthanasia for Pets

RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwire - Oct 18, 2011) - "Do we pay the mortgage or surgery for the dog?"

That's the question a lot of pet owners face in this challenging economic landscape says veterinarian Lori Pasternak of Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care (

"With many people living on tighter budgets, when a pet winds up needing expensive surgical procedures that the owners cannot afford, it's euthanized for purely economic reasons."

Pasternak -- whose affordable surgical and dental practice works out creative methods of payment to help pet owners avoid making that tragic choice -- recommends a preventative medical approach with a few simple affordable tips:

  • Pet Healthcare Plans - Many pet clinics and veterinarians offer some variation of a pet healthcare plan in which the owner pays a nominal monthly fee of $20 to $30 and it entitles them to a number of free check-ups and wellness visits for their pets. Routine checkups can catch some serious illnesses before they become serious, and prevent a situation in which the treatment is not affordable.
  • Preventative Dental Cleanings -- The most common way for dogs to get infections is through their mouths, so keeping their teeth and mouth clean is a great way to prevent disease. Keep in mind, one of the most expensive procedures for dogs is dental work. Routine dental cleanings will go a long way to improve your pet's health.
  • Pet Your Pet -- Not only will they enjoy the attention, but it will enable you to easily determine if they have any bumps or lumps that could be indicators of infection or disease. These growths are much easier and less costly to remove if taken off when smaller than a quarter, so actually petting your pet can help your ability to detect these anomalies early.

"Being a pet owner is not only a joy, but it's also a responsibility," Pasternak added. "They depend on us for everything and ask for nothing in return but our love and attention. Keeping them healthy is a lot easier and affordable than allowing them to get sick."

About Lori Pasternak

Lori Pasternak, DVM, worked in a full-service practice in Richmond, VA for 13 years prior to opening Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care, where her mission is to help pet owners avoid economic euthanasia by offering "bare bones" fees for services and accepting creative forms of payment.

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