WildBit Studios Releases Paper Zombie Halloween Game for iPhone

Zombie Shooter Game Makes Top 10 Charts in Ten Countries; Available Today in the U.S.

Minnetonka, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 28, 2011) - WildBit Studios today announced the U.S. launch of Paper Zombie Halloween, a new zombie arcade style blaster and shooter mobile fantasy game for the iPhone that reinvigorates the classic zombie genre with exciting action-packed strategic play, 3D graphics, quirky Zombie characters, and original soundtrack by DJ Kaze. In the spirit of Halloween, WildBit released Paper Zombie Halloween as a free download, with new explosive Halloween weapons and spooky scenarios specially created for the haunted night. Paper Zombie Halloween is a highly stylized game that creates an imaginative experience for players of all ages and both genders.

America, get ready to thwart this new paper threat! Download Paper Zombie Halloween from the Apple App Store and enter GOLD in zCode to start the game with free zCash to buy additional weapons.

The Story:
You got lost on route 666 and ended up in Zombie Town surrounded by a new breed of zombies -- all made of paper. Luckily you have a paper cutter to defend yourself, but that is not enough to combat the continuing waves of paper zombies. You'll need a strategy to protect yourself and additional ammunition to destroy all of the zombies -- that come in different shapes and sizes and have distinct moods and clever personalities -- while defending the innocent people.

The Gameplay:
The thrilling game takes place in three different underworlds, each with 12 different levels, and more than 36 stages in total. You begin with only one weapon, and must choose a strategy, and either earn or buy zCash (the official currency in Zombie Town) to purchase any number of weapons from three categories that destroy the paper zombies, including:

1. Cutting weapons -- the best way to destroy paper, but you'll need to be very close to the zombies. You will cut with a sliding intuitive gesture control to make your experience easy and fun.
2. Shooting weapons -- these weapons are good for knocking down the zombies, but you'll have to be careful because you only have a limited supply of ammunition.
3. Launching weapons -- burns paper easily but watch out for the innocent people nearby.

You earn zCash by destroying the zombies, by saving innocent people, and by advancing to the next level. With zCash you will acquire new deadly and funny weapons including a chainsaw, light saber, boat cannon, katana, monkey with cymbals among others. You also earn free zCash by inviting others to play the game by entering your zCode (official invitation in Zombie Town) which you may share a number of ways, such as emailing to posting on your Facebook and Twitter.

Paper Zombie Halloween features additional explosive Halloween weapons including:

  • Explosive Candy -- throw them and wipe out zombies in sweet explosions.
  • Halloween Pumpkin -- a must have weapon; illuminate this dark night with its explosions.
  • Skull -- you can throw skulls non-stop.
  • Sweet Lollipops -- plant explosive lollipops all over the scenario and wait for a zombie to step on them.
  • Bloody Eyes -- take a quick look and while you're at it, blow out everything on sight.
  • Witch Hat -- use its black magic to seed chaos.
  • Vampire -- fly over the scenario and exterminate everything on its way.

Pricing and Availability:
"Paper Zombie Halloween" is a 13 MB sized horror humor game and is available as a free download immediately for iPhone (requires iOS 4.2 or later), iPad (1 or 2), or iPod Touch (3 Gen or above) through the App Store in the Games category. In-App purchases of zCash Packs start at $0.99. Paper Zombie is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Special Promotion:
After you install the game, and start it, enter GOLD in zCode get 600 free zCash (value $3.50).

iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/voldkq
How to Play Paper Zombie Video: http://bit.ly/oCh8do
How to Kill a Paper Zombie Video: http://bit.ly/oMGmmT
Game Trailer: http://bit.ly/v420UD

Note to Editors and Game Reviewers:
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About WildBit Studios:
The WildBit Studios team behind Paper Zombie has the following achievements:

  • "Fred," first distributed videogame in Spain
  • "World Rally Championship," Best Arcade Coin-op Game in Frankfurt European Arcade Fair
  • "Surf Planet," 3D game distributed in the US market by Namco
  • "Pang Mobile'" most downloaded mobile game in the Spain
  • "MyAlert" merged with Buongiorno, the world's largest mobile entertainment company
  • "Superonline" Turkey's largest Internet company and most popular Internet brand
  • "Berggi" poor men's smart phone

For more information please visit http://www.wildbitstudios.com.

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