Altitude Digital Partners Launches Private Exchange Through AppNexus

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2011) - Altitude Digital Partners (ADP), which provides yield management and integrated media solutions for the web's premium and long tail publishers, recently launched a next generation private exchange through AppNexus. ADP's new private exchange allows a limited number of advertisers to have an exclusive first look at quality publisher inventory.

"Publishers currently monetize their impressions through multiple channels, such as Exchanges, RTBs, Networks, and SSPs. This might not be an ideal situation for a publisher because their inventory becomes a commodity therefore reducing the value of your inventory," said Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of ADP.

ADP's private exchange is an arena where publishers put their first look impressions up for bid. When a publisher puts their most valuable inventory up for auction, the bidding exclusivity increases the demand, thus increasing the value and CPM for their inventory. Altitude Digital Partners has invited premier trading desks, DSPs, advertising agencies and direct clients to participate in the private exchange. By including select quality advertisers and setting an aggressive CPM floor, ADP is able to offer publishers some of the most competitive CPM rates. Publishers using the ADP's new private exchange are seeing an average increase in rate of over 50% and in some cases as high as 325%.

"It seems like every year a new driving force comes into the advertising eco-system that changes how we all buy and sell inventory. In 2012, private exchanges will be that driving force. The name of the game for advertisers is exclusivity and first look and our private exchange delivers that," said Devin Yeager, COO of ADP.

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