The Only Thing Sweeter Than Candy is Diamonds

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PIXELMODA is ecstatic to introduce their brand new collection, "Diamond Candy", where a blend of yummy colors and diamonds coincide together to create a stylish new look fit for any finger! PIXELMODA is bringing to life a new style that entails innovative fashion candy-colored silicone rings that are centered with a genuine 2-point brilliant cut diamond, perfect for all girls with strong individual personalities that share one thing in common: a sweet love for diamonds.

These delicious rings are made in Italy by skilled master goldsmiths and come encased in trendy eye-catching packaging with 12 colors to choose from. The Diamond Candy line represents different qualities fit for each lady; such as "Blackberry Diva," "Shy Doll" and "Rebellious Liquorice." Diamond Candy is able to become larger than life by allowing every girl to showcase their individual style. Retailing at $59.99, Diamond Candy rings have the perfect amount of sweetness needed to glamorize a girl's fingers for any occasion, and just in time for the holidays…what a perfect gift!

"PIXELMODA has never fallen short of providing fashion forward pieces at affordable prices. Their products always come in a variety of stylish, bright colors that cater to all sorts of personalities" says TLK Fusion Founder and Senior Vice-President Tracy Keyser, "Diamonds and candy are essentially a girl's two best friends and the new collection represents just that by allowing all colors of a girl's personality to shine through."

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At Pixelmoda, its creators Gil & Jonathan have nurtured a tradition both of creating accessories inspired by the glamour of their Italian spirit and pairing them with the demands of modern, contemporary culture. Gil & Jonathan have thus managed to successfully merge contemporary design, quality, technical innovation, comfort and affordability. The Pixelmoda brand embodies their mission to develop products that not only respond to the call of the time but also have a strong visual identity. Once they are satisfied that this mission is accomplished, the brand supplies their innovative products to carefully selected retailers in the US and abroad. The Pixelmoda timepiece is a product of countless stylistic experimentations, in which cutting edge materials were paired with the latest production techniques and assigned to a rainbow of handpicked colors. As a result, each timepiece blends a minimalistic design with the warmth of Italian style.

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